A Crafty Arab Arabic Products are now on Zibbet.com

Arabic Letter Alphabet educational posters flash game cards coloring books

Why do I love selling Arabic educational tools and Middle East/North African (MENA) hand made greeting cards in the Arabic, Farsi & Urdu languages on Zibbet.com?

Let me count the ways:

1. Admin support. Go ahead and try it. Send them an email and see how fast they respond. I double dare you.
2. Options. You can get a Basic shop (list up to 25 things for free) or you can get a Premium shop (unlimted listing).  {Update – you can now sell 50 items!}
3. Friendly folk. The forum community is great. No one poopoos on you and there is a ton of advice. All you have to do is be nice yourself.
4. Easy upload. Everything is on one page. No more going back and forth from one page to the next trying to update or change.
5. Support of your other shop fronts. You got a shop on Artfire? DaWanda? Etsy? If you have a Premium shop you can go ahead, list them all on your profile page. They want you to make money, doesn’t really matter where.
6. No favorites. The featured sellers are picked at random. It’s not an Admin’s best friend and you don’t have to bribe them with gifts to make it on the front page.
7. Scoop! There is a Twitter account just for updates from the site. No need to use an 8 ball to find out why the site is down. Just moizy over to Twitter and follow @ZibbetScoop for the lastest updates.
8. Discounts are passed to you! For every premium seller you bring to the site, you get $1 off your own account. So you can even start a basic store, get your referral code and start passing it out to build up your discount. {This service has been discontinued}
9. Coupon Codes, Sales and easy Customer contacts, oh my. Yup, those things you’ve been begging for for years at other sites? They are all here, just waiting for you after you sign up for Premium Account.
10. Decorate your own space! Do you only sell pink things? Wouldn’t it be cool if your shop had a pink colour scheme to make all your pink things? You can pick the colours your customers see, and rearrange all the items in your shop front.

Go ahead and try it. Try a the Basic account and see if you it is working for you.

Happy Selling!

Arabic Letter Alphabet educational posters flash game cards coloring books magnets




I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.