Eid Mubarak 2011!!! {Puzzle}

Well it’s finally here…Eid! What a great month this has been. It was a lot of hard work and fun making the crafts for Ramadan and I look forward to next year’s challange.

Click here to read about our 30 days of Ramadan Crafty challenge or click on the tags on the right with the words Ramadan, craft tutorial or children and they should get you to the 30 crafts we made over the past month.

In celebration of Eid, I’ve created a Eid stamp puzzle for you to enjoy. Please be sure to stock up on these stamps when you are at the post office. They were beautifully created by Islamic calligrapher Mohammed Zakariya.

So Eid Mubarak everyone and enjoy this puzzle. The person with the best time will be mailed a Eid Mubarak card in time for the next Eid!

Online jigsaw puzzles from JigsawSite.com

Allah Monogram Button Art {Tutorial}

This beautiful shadow box picture frame with the word Allah looks professionally made and complicated, but really it was very easy to do. I got the idea from all the initial monograms tutorials floating out there now.

There is a little bit of sewing, so I wouldn’t have my four year old do it, but my nine year old loved this project.

I was actually thinking of maybe doing the first Arabic letters of their names as birthday gifts next year.


Embroidery hoop
“Allah” printed on paper
Needle & Thread
Shadow box frame
Scrape fabric
ButtonsA Crafty Arab Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial
Print out your image on a piece of paper and cut it out with scissors.A Crafty Arab Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial

Attach your scrape fabric to embroidery hoop and pin cut out to scrape fabric. We used a glittered felt fabric that was a little stiff so that it would sit well in the frame afterwards. Plus it was glittered, so it added a little bit of sparkle!A Crafty Arab Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial

Start placing your buttons over the word Allah and start sewing them in place. Don’t worry about sewing over the paper as you’ll get rid of it at the end.A Crafty Arab Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial

Remove your fabric from the hoop and using tweezers remove the paper between the buttons. I would not recommend scissors since you run the chance of accidently cutting the thread that is holding the buttons. Attach to the shadow box frame and enjoy!A Crafty Arab Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial

To create more tutorials that teach about Islam, visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest.




Crescent Moon Felt Magnet {Tutorial}

These little magnets are so much fun to make and give out as gifts. We made a green felt moon with a yellow felt star, but it might be cool to make them in all kinds of different colours. I used white embroidery thread, because I wanted you to see the blanket stitch, but it might be trendy to match the thread to the colour of the star you use.

You’ll need
Felt in two colours
Embroidery thread
Crescent moon & Star template

Pin the crescent moon template to the green felt fabric and cut out two pieces.

Pin the star template to the yellow felt fabric and cut out one piece.

Blanket stitch the two green crescent moon pieces to each other. Start at one of the ends so that later you can hang the moon from that end. Blanket stitching is very easy for kids to learn and it’s okay if it looks uneven, it’s their project. To learn how to blanket stitch, just head over to YouTube for some tutorials.

Once you go all the way around the side and come half way up the other side, stop to put some stuffing in one end of the moon.

After the stuffing, put in the magnet so that it is in the middle section of the moon.

Put a little bit more of the stuffing in the other end of the moon and sew all the way around. Once you get to the end, leave a little bit of embroidery thread hanging so that you can add the star. Sew a straight stitch in the star and go back up with the tread to the moon. Finish the knot and hide it in the back of the moon.

This craft is for a magnet for your kitchen or office and is not a toy. Please be sure to keep it out of reach of small children because of the chocking hazard.

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