Glittered Glue Moon and Star Garland Part 1 {Tutorial}

This glittered glue Eid garland project is actually a two parter.


Today we did the first part and I’ll come back in two days when it’s set to show you the second part.


This is where we stopped in part two and are waiting for the glue to dry:


Cookie pan
Wax paper

Print out a pattern of moon and stars and lay them out on your cookie pan.  Put wax paper over the sheet of paper.  Using glue, draw out your pattern.  After our first star moved around a little bit, we put some tape down to hold the paper and wax onto the cookie sheet.

When you’ve done your moon and stars with glue, cover them with glue.

Now might be the hard part for the kids, as you’ll need to let them sit for two days for the glue to set.  Since my kids never go into the laundry room (haha), I’ve put this project on top of the dryer.  I’ll come back on Monday and show you how the rest of the project is finished.  Have a great weekend!



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.