Eid Woolly Sheep Card {Tutorial}

We made more Eid cards today! But my five year old wanted to get involved, so I thought it might be nice to make easier cards for her.


Eid is the Arabic word for festival or holiday and is used to commemorate the two major Islamic religions, as well as birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.


We had some left over fake wool fabric from a previous project and used it to make this black sheep Eid Mubarak card.


Furry fabric
Blank card
Googly eyes
White quilting pencil
Grass edge punch cutter
Grass background cardstock
Solid green cardstock
Solid black cardstock

ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial
 Feed the solid green cardstock through the grass punch cutter.  If you don’t have one of these, just randomly cut lines into your cardstock to make it look like grass.
ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial

Take the green grass cardstock and glue it to the edge of the grass background cardstock .  Once that dries, glue them both down to your blank card.

ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial

With the white quilting pencil, draw out three lines across the short end of your black cardstock.  On the other side, draw out a sheep face and ears.

ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial

Cut out the four legs and cut the ends into a V so that they look like hoofs.  Cut out the sheep face and ears and glue on the googly eyes.

ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial


With your white quilting pencil, draw an oval on the back of the furry fabric and cut it out.


ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial

Glue down all your pieces to the card front and write Eid Mubarak at the bottom of the sheep.

ACraftyArab Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial
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Arabic Numbers Toss {Tutorial}

Today’s Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge activity is for playing outside.


We have an upcoming Eid party at a public park, we wanted to have a game of some kind for the little kids to play outside.  This Arabic Numbers Toss will be perfect.


There is quite a bit of drying time on this project, so be sure to read all the steps ahead of time.


This afternoon, after we made our toss board, the girls created guidelines for how to play.  This includes how far back each age group would be allowed to stand and how many tosses each player gets.


I only wished we had different colored pipe cleaner to keep track of the different players.  You can also use different things for the toss, such as plastic bracelets or shower curtain rings.


Large precut wood board
Arabic numbers stencils
Pipe cleaner (precut to 3 inch pieces)
Paintbrush (not in photo)
ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss1

First lay out your stencils on the board to see how much room you’ll have.  Make a small pencil mark above your number for the cup hook.

ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss2

Drill a hole for the cup hooks.  If you don’t have a drill, you can also try an awl to start your cup hook opening.

ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss3

Spray paint your board and give it time to dry completely.

ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss4
Place the numbers back under the holes and trace them out with your carbon paper and pencil.
ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss5

Paint in the lines of the numbers with your brown acrylic paint.  Allow everything to dry before you go to the next step.

ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss6

Outline your letters with Sharpie so you can see them better from far away.

ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss7
Twist in the cup hooks.  The cup hooks we got ended up being closed and we didn’t notice it until my daughters tried to thrown the rings.  So as you can see from the final photo, we just opened them up a tiny bit with pliers.  So when you are buying your cup hooks, make sure they are pre-opened (otherwise, just take two pliers and pull).
ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss8
Take your pipe cleaner and make it into a circle by twisting the ends together.
ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss9
Enjoy your game!
ACraftyArab Arabic Numbers Toss10
This craft was part of our 2013 Crafty Ramadan 30 day challenge. To see more of our tutorials, please visit A Crafty Arab board on Pinterest.




Eid Sheep Magnet {Tutorial}

This adorable chalkboard Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet is such a great addition to our Ramadan magnet wall on our refrigerator.  She is keeping the Crescent Moon Magnet company!

Please read through all the directions before you start as this is a long craft and does take a lot of drying times.  Allow extra time in your day to accommodate all the steps.


Box cutter
Self stick magnet
Chalkboard ornament
White acrylic paint
Black pen
Wood pieces: 1 large heart, 1 small heart, 3 petal shapes, 2 mini craft sticks
Wood glue

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet1

It’s easier to start by cutting the wood sticks in half for the legs. Please have an adult do this part.  The sticks actually only took a tiny bit of pressure to cut halfway through, and then I just snapped them in half.  The part that you are cutting will be behind the sheep, so a clean cut is not necessary.

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet2
*Our chalkboard ornament also came with a ribbon loop that we used the box cutters to take off.

Paint all the wood pieces white.  And make sure to put newspaper down.  We forgot to grab it before we got started so that is why you don’t see it on the supply list above :).  Wait for everything to dry.

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet3

A little note about the painters tape I put on the chalkboard: Don’t do it.  Instead, find a small brush and help your child stay within the lines.  As you an see from the final pictures, the painter’s tape tore off a lot of the chalkboard.  And that is why I took it off the supply list.

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet4

Place the smaller heart on top of the bigger heart and glue it upside down with wood glue in the upper right corner.  Take two of the petals and glue them behind the larger heart to look like ears.  Allow everything to dry.

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet5

Flip the sheep over and glue down the four legs and use the final petal for the tail in the opposite corner from the head.  Allow everything to dry.

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet6
Start drawing cursive 9s all over the body of the sheep.  Also draw them around the outer part of the large wood heart.
 ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet9
Draw two ovals for eyes and a large Y for the nose and mouth.  On the tail, place an extra large 9. For the hooves, you’ll need a half circle with lines drawn inside of it.  That is all it takes!  Your sheep should be looking adorable at this point.
ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet7

Place the self sticking magnet on the back of your sheep.

ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet8
You can write a message on the magnet with chalk or you can paint a design on it.  We pulled out some pink stickers and wrote out the words since it was easiest :).
ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet10
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ACraftyArab Eid Mubarak Sheep MagnetPin