Zibbet Discount Code {Happy Birthday to me!}

I love my birthday.  And this year the day has started out amazing yet again.  And while I’m still experiencing it, I wanted to share my special day with you by offering a rare coupon code to my Zibbet store.  You are welcome to share my post with your friends and they can also use the same code on their order.

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Camel Coffee Cozy {Tutorial}

Eid Mubarak to all my followers , fans , friends & family.

I know so many of you out there, but especially my brother, have missed your morning coffee.  So today’s Ramadan Craft Challenge is dedicated to you.


Those that have braved co-workers coffee runs, driving by 15 Tully’s on your way to the mosque, and most importantly, that big, beautiful lonely coffee pot that has been sitting on your counter.
I came across this fabric coffee cozy at the discount bin of my local craft store. I brought it home so that one of the girls can decorate it as an Eid gift for their uncle.


For everyone else, go ahead, make that cup.  And give your kids the supplies to make this camel coffee cozy using fabric puffy paint.



Fabric coffee cozy
Camel template (found online)
Fabric puffy paint

We took the camel template and place it on our cozy. We utlined the design with our puffy fabric paint.

After our camel was done, we started decorating our coffee cozy with other designs. We started with grass below.

We also added pyramids and a moon.  To compliment the grass below, we added a blue pattern above also. Once our design was painted on our coffee cozy, we laid it out in a sunny spot to dry.


Did you enjoy making this camel? Try these other handmade gifts with these beautiful creatures:

Eid Camel Gift Bag Tutorial

Camel Fold-in Tutorial


If you enjoyed this camel diy crafty tutorial, please stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterst for more.


5 Pillars of Islam Wind Chime Tutorial

My youngest daughter is learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam so I wanted to come up with a craft that would have her seeing them all the time.  I love that she wrote out the 5 pillars herself in her handwriting.

Wood beads
Colored Pens
Letter stickers
Wood tags
Wood dowel
Floral wire

Our wood beads came with two sets, one that had two holes, and one that only had one hole.  Take the set that has two holes and write out the word ISLAM with your letter stickers.

 On the bottom tags (with only one hole) write out the 5 Pillars with a colored pen.

Using your pliers, make a curl on the end of your wire so your tag does not slip out.  We also put the wire back in after this and twisted it on.

 Take your wood beads and feed them in the other end of the wire.

Once you get to a length you like (we didn’t measure anything), slip on your other tags that have the two holes.

Continue to add more beads and when you get to a length you like, twist your wire around your dowel. Cut off about 1/2 inch from the top of the dowel and make another curl in your wire.  Continue to do this with your next four wires.

Take another wire and fold it in half.  Twist it around twice in the middle so that you have a hook for your nail.  Twist the two ends on either end of the dowel.

Your wind chime is done and ready for hanging.  We wanted ours to be an indoor chime so that my daughter can see it daily.  However, if you’d like to make your wind chime an outdoor chime, make sure you put a protective layer of a sealant on the stickers and written words.

 Here is a close up of the two tags in their completed forms: