Eid Mubarak Money Envelopes {Free Printable}

I spent the day today making these really cool Eid Mubarak money envelopes to hand out to random homeless people in Seattle this weekend. I do this with my kids as part of our Random Acts of Zakat.

Unfortunately my conversion from a word document to a PDF did not work as well as I hoped. So for now, you’ll have to content yourself with what they look like. Insha’allah when I can get my computer hubs to look at it, I hope he can help with the conversion.

UPDATE: We got the PDF conversion to work!  Here is the file and good luck!

Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}

ACraftyArab Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}Do you ever have one of those days that no matter what you do, nothing gets done?  Yup, we had one today.  We had grand ideas for our Ramadan Craft Challenge, but those grand ideas were just ideas today.


Insha’Allah those ideas will happen for us tomorrow, but in the meantime we did accomplish one thing: the completion of our Eid Party sign!


Please note that despite the warm weather, it took a couple of white coats of paint and several drying periods to get this sign done.  So if you are having a party, make sure to plan ahead and make this sign early.


Let’s continue with the steps from last time:

After the paint finally dried, we used the sandpaper to take off the layer of white that was on top of the Petroleum Jelly.  Since we had added on a few layers, this step took a little elbow grease.
ACraftyArab Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}

Once the layers of white has been taken off, place your carbon paper on your sign with your Eid Party template on top.  Using your pencil, draw out the letters.  Really push down hard on the paper as you’re trying to make a mark on several coats of paint.  Take off the papers and paint your letters green.

ACraftyArab Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}

Your Eid Party distressed wood sign is done!  You can leave it like this or if you’d like it to last for a long time, you can add a layer of Mod Podge for protection.


We left ours alone so that the elements outside can help a little more with the patina of the wood.

ACraftyArab Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}
Enjoy more Eid crafts on A Crafty Arab Pinterest page.
Update: We took it to our community Eid party, that was held at a local park.  We placed it outside our picnic shelter to direct people to our food and fun.
ACraftyArab Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}


Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar Tutorial

When you are trying to introduce the concept of Ramadan to children, it’s always a good idea to create a calendar of some sort to help with time.  As you know from my Ramadan Craft challenge, I like to make things as easy as possible, with most of the items found from items around your home.  When I finished wrapping up some Eid gifts to donate, I had this paper roll that I knew couldn’t go into the garbage.  So we took it and made dates with it for our Ramadan Advent Calendar!

ACraftyArab Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar

Gold spray paint
Pipe cleaners
Long empty wrapping paper roll

ACraftyArab Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar Supplies

Spray paint your empty wrapping paper roll gold and let dry.  Cut off about half an inch from the end.  You’ll need two of these smaller pieces for each date, so just keep cutting till you get to the end. You should have sixty smaller pieces by the time you finish.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar2

Once your pieces are all cut, put one in the other like the photo below.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar Supplies4

Take the awl and punch a hold through the two pieces on one of the ends.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar5

Cut your pipe cleaners in half and then in half again.  Take the small piece you cut out and put it in the hole you just made to go through both pieces.  Bend the end of the pipe cleaner so that it holds inside the date.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Dates Countdown Calendar Supplie6

Hang yarn on your wall and bend the other end of the pipe cleaner to fit over the yarn.  Every night take off a date to signify that end of the day!