99 Creative Moon Projects {Resource}

Continuing our 99 Creative Project Series, I thought I’d bring together moon Ramadan projects.

The Islamic calendar is lunar based, so the moon plays a significant roll in the religion.

The crescent moon and star emerged into popular use during the 19th century as a symbol for the Ottoman Empire. It is now on half a dozen country flags.

Over the years, I have made several moon crafts here on the ACraftyArab blog. I have collected them below, along with a few others, so that you can enjoy making some creative moon projects to appreciate our majestic satellite.

I have included images from my crafts, but do not have copyright on other images. For visuals of these tutorials, feel free to visit Crafty Arab 99 Creative Projects.


3-D Light Up Moon Craft with Scott Tissue

3D Moon

Aluminum Foil Moon Sensory Craft

Blue Moon Torte

Blue Moon Earrings

By The Light of the Harvest Moon

Celtic Moon Knot Tutorial

Creating a Moon Masterpiece

Crescent Moon!

Crescent Moon and Star Thaumatrope

Crescent Moon and Star Wall Art

Crescent Moon Cake Topper

Crescent Moon Magnet by A Crafty Arab

Crescent Moon Magnet

Crescent Moon Square

Crochet Crescent Moon and Star

The Cursive Project: Moon

DIY: Crescent Moon Ornaments

DIY Lace (Moon) Insert

DIY Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging

DIY Moon Clock (in Hungarian)

Eid (Moon and Star) Popsicle Stick Stars

Eid or Ramadan Islamic (Moon) Decorations

Eric Carle Inspired Moon Art (touch and feel textured Moon)

Feel the Sun and Reach for the Moon and Stars with this Mosaic Craft

Felt Favor Bags

Felt Moon and Stars

Fringed Cutout Wall Decor

Fringed Star and Moon Decorations

Glow in the Dark Puffy Paint Moon

Gross Motor Game to Learn the Phases of the Moon

Half-Moon Clay DIY Earrings

Half Moon Pendant Tutorial (in Italian)

Halal (Moon and Star) Shaped Rice Crispy Treats

How To Make a Moon Phase Pillow

Homemade Moon Sand

Identifying Moon Phases

Make a Moon Phase Viewer

Mezzaluna (Crescent Moon) Wrap

Moon and Star Craft for Kids

Moon and Stars Cupcakes

Moon and Stars Mobile

Moon and Star Stamp by A Crafty Arab

Moon and Star Stamp

Moon Bag

Moon Cradle

Moon Craft

Moon Flashcards

Moon Journal {Free Printable}

Moon Lantern

Moon Painting

Moon Phase Activity: DIY Puzzle

Moon Phase Dice Printout

Moon Phases Experiment

Moon Phases for Kids

Moon Phases Mobile

Moon Cycle Wheel

Moon Pinata

Moon Rock Necklace or Pendant

Moon Sighting Binoculars

Moon with Craters (in Greek)

New Moon With Glass drops Earrings (Woven Thread Tutorial)

Once in a Blue (or Purple!) Moon: How to Make Moon Paint

Paper Plates: Moon Phases

Paper plate moon Ramadan craft

Phases of the Moon Craft

Phases of the Moon Craft

Phases Of The Moon Mini Banner DIY

Phases of the Moon Mobile

Phases of the Moon Wheel

Pie Tin Moon Phases Display for Ramadan

Pop Up Crescent Moon

Printable Moon Phase Craft/Activity

Puff Disc with Crescent Moon and Star

Puffy Paint Moon Craft

Ramadan Craft: Star and Moon Banner

Ramadan Crescent Moon and Star Ithnain by A Crafty Arab

Ramadan Crescent Moon and Star Ithnain

Ramadan Crescent Moon Pompom Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Ramadan Crescent Moon Pompom Tutorial

Ramadan / Eid Door (Moon) Wreath

Ramadan Moon Collage

Ramadan (Moon) Coloring Pages

Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

Ramadan Moon and Stars Mobile

Ramadan Moon and Star Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Ramadan Moon and Star Tutorial

Ramadan Moon Sun Catcher Tutorial

Ramadan Star and Moon Craft

Reach for the moon and stars!

Ribbon Moon Door Hanger

Sequined Crescent Pillows

Shoot the Moon Tutorial

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Why are there craters on the moon?

Space Art

Star and Crescent Colouring Page

Star and Crescent Moon Mobile

Star and Moon Mobile

Star and Moon Pendants

Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft

Tiny Star and Moon Garland

Twinkle Twinkle

Zakāt (Crescent Moon and Star) Box

Happy Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth Day from A Crafty Arab

Happy Earth Day!  I woke up this morning to blue in my sky and was excited that Seattle weather crew were wrong about their predictions.

After a weekly walk at a local park with my walking partner, and another walk when I got home because it was too hard to resist the sunshine, I went outside to garden. My To Do list can wait. Who knows when the free vitamin D will show up again!

I took the photo above by putting my camera on the ground and shooting up.  Just a reminder to stop every once in awhile and notice the tiny details that you might not see from above.

What are you doing today to celebrate Earth Day?

Arabic Coloring Page…Meem is for Ma’ez {Printable}

I’ve been taking the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster to turn into a coloring book.

This page is for the letter Meem (mīm) is represented by Muna the Ma’ez, which is how you say goat in Arabic.  Muna is always looking for things that she does not have. 

Other words that use Meem aremumtaz (excellent), meraab (garage), and mustateel (rectangle).

You can also enjoy these past animals that have been done already –

Arnab Coloring Page

Batreek Coloring Page

Timsaah Coloring Page

Thu’ban Coloring Page

Herbaa Coloring Page

Dalfeen Coloring Page

Racoon Coloring Page

Zaraafa Coloring Page

Samakah Coloring Page

Tawoos Coloring Page 

‘Ankaboot Coloring Page

Faraasha Coloring Page

Qird Coloring Page

Llama Coloring Page

Nimer Coloring Page

Hirra Coloring Page

Wahid Al Qarn

Yamam Coloring Page

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Arabic Initial Papier-Mâché {Tutorial}

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper {Tutorial}

Update: You can buy the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book here. Proceeds from each sale help refugee programs at the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan,via the aids organization Salaam Cultural Museum Medical Missions.