Glitter Ramadan Banner {Tutorial}

ramadan crafts banner
A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Wow, can you believe our Ramadan crafts challenge 2015 is over and it is time to show you our Ramadan banner? 

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that we made our Arabic Ramadan Countdown?

We have done so many crafts during our 30 Day Ramadan Crafts Challenge and I just wanted to say shukran (Arabic for thank you) for joining us!

What better way to end the month then showing you the step by step tutorial on how we completing the banner. 

Yes, it’s the first major project we did for the month, but one of my favorite quotes from Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) is “If the Day of Judgment erupts while you are planting a new tree, carry on and plant it.”

So it’s never too late to finish what you started!  Keep busy as much as you can, even if it means completing a project one month later.


File folder
Cutting mat
Chipboard letters
Mod Podge
Chipboard banner
Spray paint
Decorative arabesque paper

Our chipboard box of letters had mismatched left over letters, some of which were covered in English words.  We picked out a few and will now make them all look alike.

We start by taking them outside and spray painting them all the same color as our Ramadan calendar.

While the letters are drying, we headed back inside and put Mod Podge on the chipboard banner pieces.

We laid the glued side down to our wrong side of the paper.  To make the pattern the same on all the way across, try to make the placement of the chipboard pieces symmetrical.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

While those were drying, we grabbed ourletters from outside and laid them flat on the file folder.
We added a thick layer of Mod Podge to the front of them.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

We took our time putting on all four of the different glitter colors.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Just a side note, we picked the colors of the glitter to match the colors of the printouts! The yellow and purple glitter is flowers and the teal and white glitter is stars.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Once the glitter has sat for an hour or so to set, we moved the letters to our cutting mat and added a layer of diamond glaze.  We were able to pick up the file folder of glitter and fold it in half to throw away, no mess!

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Our letters sat to dry for most of the day. I’d recommend letting them sit overnight if there is not enough sun where you are doing this craft. In the evening, we went back to add a layer of Mod Podge to the chipboard banners, then a layer to the back of the chipboard letters and put them together.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Let the glue dry for a little while, then take your hole punch and add two holes, once on each side of your chipboard banner pieces.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Add your cord to your letters.

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

Your board is done and ready to string up!

A Crafty Arab Ramadan Banner Tutorial

I love how all the letters look the same now.  No one would know that they were all different just a short while ago!

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Kuwait PomPom Flag {Tutorial}

My girls and I are still on our quest to make a craft from each Arab country and today we have decided to work on Kuwait by making this pompom flag door hanger.

Kuwait is located in Western Asia, to the south of Iraq and east of Saudi Arabia.  The money currency is the dinar and considered the highest valued currency in the world.

The current flag of Kuwait was adopted in 1961 and used to be read with various designs. The colors have different meanings and came from a 13th-century poem by Ṣafī ad-Dīn al-Ḥilli:

We are a people whose character refuses, for honor, to cause harm to those who do not harm us: white [pure] are our deeds, black are our battles, green are our fields, red [bloody] are our swords.

While the same colors are also found in other Arab countries, none have had the distinction of being a Guinness record holder, a 1019 square meter Kuwait flag made in 2005.


Pompoms in red, green, black and white
Pipe cleaners in red, green, black and white
6×9 sticky back foam
Hole punch

Start by taking your four pipe cleaners and twisting them together super tight.

Then take your hole punch and make two holes on either side of the short 6 inch part of the sticky foam.

String your twisted pipe cleaner in each hole, twisting it back on itself.  Make sure you only do the foam and not the sticker back.

Pull the sticky back as you add the pompoms.  If you can’t find the sticky back foam, just use regular foam and add glue to this step.

Here is the order -Row 1 – 1 black, 7 greenRow 2 – 2 black, 6 greenRow 3 & 4 – 3 black, 5 whiteRow 5 – 2 black, 6 redRow 6 – 1 black, 7 red

Cut off the excess sticky back and save it for another flag!

Hang your Kuwaiti flag up someplace with pride for everyone to see.


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Zakat Collection Shadowbox {Tutorial}

Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and this shadowbox frame helps with a visual reminder of how much you and your kids have collected.

As Muslims we must give a certain percentage of our money away to the needy and less fortunate.  We strive to donate at least 2-10% of the value of our possessions and income.

We try to make a new Zakat box every year to fill up by the year’s end.  Okay, it’s July and we are just starting, but it’s never too late.

Be sure to check out past Zakat boxes made of wood, glass and even a recycled ice cream carton!

Cutting Mat
Shadow picture frame
Glass paint
Zakat print out
Quatrefoil printout out
Blue painter’s tape
Xacto knife
Recycled cardboard

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Take apart your frame, you’ll need the glass for drawing and the back for a template.  Set everything else aside in a safe location.

Start by laying out your work Zakat on the cutting mat and tape it down.  Print out this pretty Green Eid quatrefoil patter here, and tape it down also.  Lay your glass over both and tape it down securely.

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

We alternated green and yellow enamel glass paint to fill in the quatrefoils in a pattern.

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

We used the purple paint to write in the word, Zakat.

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Try not to move the glass at all or it will shift.

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Let it dry a few hours, or overnight, depending on the amount of sunshine in your hemisphere.

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab
Did you notice in the photo above how the yellow looks lumpy compared to the green and purple?  Turns out we got a different type of paint!  The green and purple were 3D and the yellow was Frosted.  So a bit of advise: pay attention in the store, unlike me. 🙂
Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab
 Okay, returning to our project.  Take the back of your shadow box and lay it over your cardboard.  Cut our the same shape. Since we used a Cheeze-it box, my daughter thought it would be funny to use the cracker on the box as our back.
Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab
Cut out a rectangle with the ruler and Xacto so that you can put money into your box.
Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab
Put your shadowbox back together, starting with your painted glass and finishing with your cardboard backing. Make sure everything is secure before you lift it up.
Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Start putting money into your box and see how much you can fill it up!

Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

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