Happy Eid – Teal {Printable}

A few days ago, I ask people to vote on their Happy Eid.


What a fun campaign that was! I asked in two of my private Facebook groups and on my A Crafty Arab business page.


There were 97 votes cast and 50 of them were for teal. Teal and salmon came in a close second with 38 votes.


So without much further ado, I give you free Eid printables for your upcoming holiday party…in teal!

Teal - blank labels

Happy Eid – Teal – blank labels

Teal - circles

Happy Eid Teal – circles

Teal - cupcakes
Happy Eid – Teal – cupcakes
Teal - drinks
Happy Eid – Teal – drinks

Teal - Flags signs

Happy Eid Teal – Flags signs

Teal - gift tags

Happy Eid Teal – gift tags

Teal - paper1

Happy Eid Teal – paper1

Teal - paper2

Happy Eid Teal – paper2


Teal - paper3
Happy Eid Teal – paper3


Stop by ACraftyArab’s Zibbet shop to see more Eid Decor and come back tomorrow to be able to download the banner!

ACraftyArab TealWP