Allah Helps Me Grow Hand-print {Tutorial}

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprintAllah is the Arabic word referring to God in the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


In Arabic, Allah is composed of four letters, ا ل ل ه (or Alif Lam Lam Ha, from right to left), which when brought together make الله.


When written in English, Allah has five letters, using A L L A H, written left to right.  Today my youngest made this adorable flower pot with her five fingers to write Allah in English.


We are going to place it in a frame and send it to her grandmother as a gift. She wanted to share the steps with other small children so they can try it themselves.



Heart punch
Circle punch
Double sided tape
Various colors of cardstock
ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint1

First you’ll need to lay out your right hand on a green piece of cardstock and have a friend or parent trace it out for you.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint2

Then you’ll need to cut out the hand.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint3

Draw out a large pot for your hand stem to fit into and cut it out also.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint4

Use your heart punch to cut out five hearts from different colors of cardstock.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint5

You will also need five round centers for your flowers.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint6

I helped my youngest write out the words “Allah helps me grow” and she went over them with a Sharpie to make them thicker and darker. You can get a grown up to help you with this, or do it yourself.ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint7

Grab your double sided tape and place it on the back of the hand and then place it on a beige piece of cardstock. Tape and add your flower pot on top.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint8

Place double sided tape on five of the hearts and arrange them into a circle shape to create a flower.  Add the small circle center to each flower.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint9

Do the same with the rest of the flowers, placing one on each finger.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint10

Now your beautiful handprint is ready to be added to a frame.

ACraftyArab Allah helps me grown handprint11

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14 Summer Crafts to cheer on the Arab Summer Athletes {Resource}

Olympics collageThe 2016 Summer Games have started in Brazil this week.  We are excited at our house to cheer on the 486 athletes who will represent the Arab world in 362 events.

Over the years, we have created over a dozen projects to celebrate these Middle East and North African (also called MENA) countries and we thought we’d share them with you.

Please feel free to visit some of these activities over the next two weeks to cheer on your favorite MENA country.

(Notes – 1- Kuwait has been suspended, however athletes from that country will be participating. 2 – We have created two Syria crafts for both flags and also wanted to include a project to help refugees)

Start by dowloading some free printables to get to know the MENA countries that are members of the Arab League:

Arab League Countries Word Search {Free Printable}


Sports 13 * Athletes 68 * Events 53

ACraftyArab Algeria Geometric Painting Title
Algeria Geometric Painting


Sports 4 * Athletes 35 * Events 21

ACraftyArab Bahraini Flag Crayon Holder
Bahraini Flag Crayon Holder


Sports 2 * Athletes 4 * Events 4

Craft coming soon!


Sports 3 * Athletes 7 * Events 7

Craft coming soon!


Sports 24 * Athletes 122 * Events 88

ACraftyArab Egyptian Water Bottle
Egyptian Water Bottle


Sports 5 * Athletes 26 * Events 5

Craft coming soon!


Sports 6 * Athletes 8 * Events 8

Craft coming soon!


Sports 0 * Athletes 0 * Events 0

A Crafty Arab PomPom Kuwaiti Flag
PomPom Kuwaiti Flag


Sports 7 * Athletes 9 * Events 9

ACraftyArab Lebanese Cedar Bead Tree
Lebanese Cedar Bead Tree


Sports 6 * Athletes 7 * Events 7

ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg Carton


Sports 1 * Athletes 2 * Events 2

Craft coming soon!


Sports 13 * Athletes 49 * Events 40

ACraftyArab Morocco Flag Candy Dish
Morocco Flag Candy Dish


Sports 2 * Athletes 4 * Events 4

Craft coming soon!


Sports 4 * Athletes 6 * Events 6

ACraftyArab Palestine is in my Heart
Palestine is in my Heart


Sports 10 * Athletes 39 * Events 21

Craft coming soon!

Saudi Arabia

Sports 5 * Athletes 12 * Events 12

Craft coming soon!


Sports 1 * Athletes 2 * Events 2

ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant
Somali Flag Pennant


Sports 3 * Athletes 6 * Events 6

ACraftyArab Sudan Flag Lantern
Sudan Flag Lantern


Sports 5 * Athletes 7 * Events 7

ACraftyArab No Sew Pillows for Syrian Refugees
No Sew Pillows for Syrian Refugees
A Crafty Arab Syrian Pinwheel Flag
Syrian Pinwheel Flag Pre Revolution
Syrian Flag Heart
Syrian Flag Heart NecklaceTutorial Post Revolution


Sports 18 * Athletes 61 * Events 48

ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt
Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt

United Arab Emirates

Sports 6 * Athletes 13 * Events 12

ACraftyArab Emirates Button Card
Emirates Button Card


Sports 3 * Athletes 4 * Events 4

ACraftyArab Yemeni Trivet Title

Stop by the Arab League Pinterest board for more fun projects from MENA.

Olympics collageWP















Eid Origami Star Necklace {Tutorial}

Eid al Adha is September 12th, 2016 and we thought we’d get a head start on gifts to friends with this origami star necklace.


Our community usually has a little Eid gathering and the kids exchange gifts to celebrate.  My daughters have recently discovered washi tape and created this star necklace to give as their gifts. They used the ancient paper folding art called origami and added a few fun beads and  a blue moon left over from our Polymer Clay Moon & Star Tutorial.



12×12 vellum paper
Washi tape
Round nose pliers
O ring
Jewelry finding
Polymer clay moon

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace1

Start by laying your tape on the edge of the vellum and go all the way down to 11 inches.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace2

Cut off the tape with the vellum. Now your washi tape is stronger and easy to fold into a loop.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace5

Now you are going to place the tail you created, inside the loop.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace6

With the knot created, take your end piece and tuck it inside, under BOTH portions.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace7

I’m placing a final photo here to show you that you really need to spend just a tiny bit of time to make sure that your corners line up nice in this step.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace4

After your first knot’s corners are lined up nicely, take the other tail of your tape and start folding it over and over. It doesn’t matter the direction. only that you line up the edges of the tape tightly.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace8

When you get to the final fold, cut off any extra piece that might hang over.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace10

Next take that final fold and once again, tuck it inside, under BOTH portions.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace9

Your final will look like the one I posted previously.


Gently place all four edges of your star along four fingers and gently push down on the fifth side with the side of the awl. Once your shape starts forming, go back over the five edges and push down a little more. Gently.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace11

Gently, create a hole with your awl in one point and out the other.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace12

Add your jewelry findings, moon and beads.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace13

Close the final piece onto a necklace.

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace14

Make more!

ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid Necklace3


If you enjoyed this tutorial, visit 99 Creative Eid Projects.  Or stop A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to see more.


ACraftyArab Origami Star Eid NecklaceWP