Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark {Tutorial}

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My daughter wanted to create little gifts to give to school friends and we thought handmade moon and star punch art bookmarks would be perfect.

We used the Eid Mubarak Punch Out Bookmark Tutorial as our inspiration to make these smaller, more compact, versions. Today we’ll use regular cardstock and a small punch. We were able to make quite a few to pass out. We’ll show you how here.


Moon and Star punch
Doublesided Tape

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial
ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

Start by cutting your cardstock into a rectangle. You can cut different sized ones and don’t really need to measure to get different sized bookmarks.

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

Use the bone folder to make a sharp clean fold, lengthwise.

Punch along one side.  Use the same punch and see how many you can get across without crowding.

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

Add double sided tape to the inside, on the side that you didn’t punch.

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

Add a smaller piece of cardstock in contrast color. It’s okay if it’s longer on the side, just make sure it’s shorter on the ends. Add double sided tape around the punched out shapes on the inside.

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial
ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

Fold over and cut off any access cardstock on the side.

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

If you’d like to make a bookmark with different colored insides, just cut out a small piece of cardstock to cover up the negative space of the punch.

Your punch bookmark is ready to give away. I have to warn you, they are addicting to make.  My daughter is also including a copy of one of her favorite books, Count Your Way though the Arab World, with the bookmark to her teacher.

ACraftyArab Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark Tutorial

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End Everything with Alhamdulillah {Printable}

ACraftyArab End Everything with AlhamdullialToday’s free printable is the third in a series and says “End Everything with Alhamdulillah.”


Alhamdulillah is Arabic for Praise God. It is used by Muslims of every background, but also spoken by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews.
From Wikipedia:

The word “Allah” is itself the fusion of the definite article al (the) and the word ilah (a god, deity). Like in English, the article is used here to single out the noun as being the only one of its kind, “the god” (the one and only) or “God” with a capital G (the concept of capital letters does not exist in Arabic). Therefore, “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God”. “ilāh” is the Arabic cognate of the ancient Semitic name for God, El.

So frequently do Muslims and Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians invoke this phrase that the quadriliteral verb hamdala (حمدل), “to say al-Hamdu li-‘llah” was coined, and the derived noun hamdalah (حمدلة) is used as a name for this phrase.


Arabs often say this phase when a task is complete.


I chose it to finish off the three part series of prints, Begin Everything with Bismillah, Plan Everything with Ihsan and now you can download today’s free print here.


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Arabic Coloring Page…Sheen is for Shebl {Printable}

I’ve been taking the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster to turn into a coloring book.

This page is for the letter Sheen (shīn) is represented by Shadya the Shebl, which is how you say lion cub in Arabic.  Shadya is always trying out songs for a singing competition. 

Other words that use Sheen are shai (tea), shawkha (fork), shibsheb (slippers).

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Update: You can buy the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book here. Proceeds from each sale help refugee programs at the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan,via the aids organization Salaam Cultural Museum Medical Missions.