Happy Eid Pop-Up Wrap {Tutorial}

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper

Eid Al Adha is September 12th, 2016. This holiday is celebrated by Muslims around the world.


We have a very special someone in our life who recently performed hajj and we wanted to give them a book as a gift.  To wrap our gift, we  decided to cut out the words Happy Eid in 3D as an extra fun touch to the outside of our gift.



Plain white wrapping paper
Clear cellophane or tissue paper
Happy Eid template, flipped backwards
Double sided tape
Xacto / Cutting mat

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper2

We started by measuring our gift box and cutting out a piece of our star green cellophane in the same size as the top.  You’ll just need a piece under your cut out letters.  Lay your box on your white wrapping paper and cut out a piece that will fit.

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper3

When you print your letters, flip them so they are backwards. Double tape the letters to the white paper. You’ll need to do a practice wrap of the white paper to figure out where to tape your letters so they will fit on the front of your box.  Use your xacto to cut out the letters in the halfway point.  Use our photo below as a guide on how to cut each one.

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper4

Use the back of your xacto to make the crease in the half way point of each letter.

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper5

For the H I and D, you’ll cut horizontially, for the A and Y, you’ll cut vertically. The P will only fold at the round portion, so you’ll need to cut out the vertical line and for the E, you’ll just cut out all three horizontal lines.

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper6

Take your template off and push all the paper back through the cut outs.  Add more double sided tape and secure the cellophane to the back of the letters.  Wrap your gift.

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper7

Give your gift to a friend or family member who is celebrating Eid!

ACraftyArab Happy Eid Cut Out Wrapping Paper8


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Light Ray Kaab’a Oil Resist {Tutorial} Guest Blog

Eid Mubarak!*

Monday is Eid Al Adha, a holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world.

To share this special day with others, I wrote a guest blog post over at Multicultural Kid Blogs. It’s part of their Hajj for Kids series so be sure to check out the other blogs taking part below.

I’d love for you to check out the Light Ray Kaab’a Oil Resist Tutorial my daughter and I made:ACraftyArab Light Ray Kaaba*Eid Mubarak is a greeting that means Blessed Celebration and is traditionally used at all major Muslim festivals.

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Lantern Money Holders {Tutorial} Guest Post

ACraftyArab Lantern Money HolderI saw these creative Eid lantern money holders on a group site and asked the artist to write up a tutorial on how she made them.  Today’s guest post is by Tahmina Ansari.

Being a working mom of three toddlers leaves me with little time on my hand but I was inspired to make this craft for Eid money holders for my nieces and nephews.

I was a little overwhelmed by the cutting and gluing process and happened to come across the following items in Target which made the process faster and more fun.

Let’s see how Tahmina made them:


Adhesive square label pockets
Pencil felt banner
Lantern template
Decorative Washi tape

ACraftyArab Lantern Money Holder1
1. Download the lantern template from above and cut out the overall shape.
2. Trace the template onto the felt pieces and cut out the lantern shape.

ACraftyArab Lantern Money Holder2
3. Remove the back from the adhesive label pocket and affix the pocket onto the lantern.

ACraftyArab Lantern Money Holder3
4. Decorate edges with washi tape and label using marker
5. Fill with money or gift card

ACraftyArab Lantern Money Holder4
6. Optional: become more creative with decorations


Thank you Tahmina for sharing your fun DIY to give handmade this Eid.  For more Eid crafts, be sure to check out the ACraftyArab Pinterst board.  If you would like to guest blog, please let me know.
ACraftyArab Lantern Money HolderPin