Arabic String Wedding Decor {Tutorial}

I am so excited my brother is finally engaged. He has met and fallen in love with a Moroccan gal and proposed a few weeks ago. I am currently visiting him and decided to make him an engagement present using supplies he had around his home.


I used this previous tutorial, Arabic Initial String Art Tutorial, as inspiration to combine the first letter of his name with hers.



White paint (not in photo)
2 shades of green paint
Wood flourishes
Petroleum jelly (not in photo)

Start by priming the wood with white.

Once the white is dry, paint two layers of the dark green paint.

While I had the green dark paint out, I also painted the corner wood flourishes.

Draw out the letters and cut them out. I decided to use an ampersand instead of the traditional Arabic ‘and’ ( و) because they will be living in the US after they are married, so I wanted to have both English and Arabic letters on their board.

Add petroleum jelly in a few spots. I had previously used this same technique to make an Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign.  Then add two layers of the lighter green paint.

Use sandpaper to remove some of the light green from a few spots.

Once the letters are done, I placed them on the wood and started nailing. To help with spacing, I would put a nail down flat as measurement.

I tied off the string on the letter and outline it first.

Here is a close up of each letter.

And this is the final piece on his fireplace.


Be sure to stop by ACraftyArab on Pinterest to see more fun Arabic tutorials.






I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.