Eid PopUp Card {Tutorial}

Day 21 of our Ramadan crafts was spent making popup cards for Eid.


Eid al Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, is less than two weeks away.   Some of our cards have to be mailed, so they need a little travel time.  We’ve been working on making a variety of different ones and today we tried our hand at popup cards.


To explain a few paper terms we use below, when a fold is made and creates a space upward, it’s called a mountain. When it creates a space inwards, it is called a valley.  Our popup card has one valley in the middle and six mountains on its sides, which we have added cut out minarets and domes.  We also added a moon and stars for our night sky.



Two cards
Card stock
Double Sided Tape

We started by cutting two lines in one of our cards that were about an inch deep and equal distance apart on the folded part of the card.

Next we folded down the sides we just made, making sure to create nice creases.

We then opened our card and turned our valleys to mountains.

Keeping the card that way, we closed it up and create two more cuts, again equal distance apart on the folded part of the card.

And again, we folded down the sides we made, making sure to create nice creases.

We made sure to flip our card over and fold over the other sides as well.  Once everything was nicely creased, we opened our card and turned the little valleys we made into mountains.  Once you are done, your card will look like this from the back.

We added double sided tape to the edges of the card that remained uncut.

We made sure our corners were even and patted down our popup card on the uncut card.  Now your single card will remain in place and is ready for your scene.

We drew out some designs on different color yellow card stock, cut them out and then placed double sided tape on the bottoms to tape them to our card.

We used a paper punch to create our stars.  Our moon was made by cutting out a circle then cutting out the center to create the crescent. We used double sided tape to add everything to the sky.

Now our card is ready for our Eid message to be written in the lower area and then mailed. It will be a nice surprise when it’s open.


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.