Khatam Cardboard Tube Gift Wrap {Tutorial}

Day 14 of our Ramadan crafts involves coming up with a new arabesque way to gift wrap a present, inspired by an arabesque shape, the khatam.  Khatam is the Arabic world for eight point star.


We decided to create our own khatam shape out of bending a cardboard tube into a square, to decorate plain paper.  After we were done, the hard part was choosing which gift tag to use, the Ramadan salt dough tag from yesterday, or make a khatam gift tag to match the paper?



Tempera paint
Paint tray
Paper roll
Present wrapped in white paper

We had a left over paper towel roll and used the scissors to cut it down to a smaller, more manageable, size to hold.  We folded it in half leastwise, opened it back up and now had a square shape instead of a round shape.

We added the first color to the paint tray.

We dipped the square roll into the paint, then placed it on the wrapped present, leaving a painted square.

We then dipped the roll in the paint again and put it on the square, but this time offset, to create the eight points of the star.

Once we felt we had enough red stars, we placed blue paint on the tray, flipped our roll over and used the other side to make blue khatam stars.

Here is our present, all ready to be go. Our gift inside is handmade, and now so is the wrapping paper.

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