Sheep Origami Bookmark {Tutorial} plus {Review}

We made this sheep origami bookmark after I recently received the Arabic children’s book Who Hid the Eid Lamb, written by Taghreed Najjar and illustrated by Manal Haddadin, from Maktabatee.  This company, owned by two moms, is founded with a simple objective: to hand-select high-quality, engaging, and relevant Arabic books and goods for children and beginners.

The story hit so close to home because the same thing happened to me as a child. You can’t image my joy at realizing I can share my experience with my daughters as I saw myself in a children’s book. Even down to the pony tail!

I also remember as a child falling in love with an Eid lamb that had been brought to my aunt’s home before Eid Al Adha.  While the story in the book is set in Palestine, and mine was in Libya, and the lamb in the book was white, while the one in my memory is black, the other similarities really hit close to home.

I remember my older cousin Ahmed had to kill the lamb for the family Eid meal and I was mad at him for days after. It’s funny how memories come rushing back from just a few images.  And the images in the book are quite stunning. We loved them all, from the detail in the Palestinian embroidery on the dresses to the tiny touches like a flower necklace on the lamb, as it frolicks in the field.

Did you notice our adorable sheep bookmark holding our place in the corner? Inspired partly by the Kaab’a bookmark we made a few days ago and the lamb from my childhood, we made it to go with our new book.


This bookmark is in two parts, the origami bookmark that fits over the page and the cover made to look like a lamb. We started by making our bookmark first by folding a square piece of beige card stock into a triangle.

We folded the top point down.

We then folded over the points on the side of the triangle towards the point in the middle.

Finally, we tucked the side points into the pocket created by our second fold.

Our bookmark looked like this when it was complete. We set it aside to work on our lamb, which will cover the middle fold.

My daughter drew out a large “cloud” design on the black card stock and cut it out. She choose the word cloud because kids would get it, she said. She made it the size of our bookmark.

Next she placed the cloud over the bookmark and traced out the design. She traced it out with pencil, but if you feel confident to just cut and turn, you can try it that way too.

Now she needed to create the tuft of wool over the eyes of the lamb. She drew out a more horizontal, smaller cloud shape.

Once that was cut out, she drew and also cut an oval for the lamb face.

Finally, the ears were drawn and cut.

Now all our pieces were ready for assembly.

We added the oval face to the round black card stock and placed the ears on the sides. The top layer was the tuft of wool over the eyes.

We added the lamb’s face to the bookmark, only adding double sided tape to the top half of the body.

We made sure our cut out points matched.

Now it was time to use our pencil and draw out eyes, a nose and a mouth. We used the face from the sheep countdown printout to figure out placement.

We cut out a small triangle from pink card stock for the nose and use the double sided tape to add it on. My daughter then went over the pencil lines with a pen. She also outlined the ears and face.

Now our book mark is done and ready to hold our place.

Please stop by the Maktabee site to check out this adorable book on Eid Al Adha. It’s also available on Amazon and at your local book seller.

After I read the story to my daughter, I took it to the story time I did for Hajj at our local library and the kids there loved it also.

Shukran, Arabic for thank you, Maktabatee for this beautiful treasure that I am happy to add to my shelf of books.

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Kaaba Origami Bookmark {Tutorial}

The Holy Kaab’a, enclosed in one of the most sacred mosques in the world, has been on our mind lately because we have a family friend who is performing her hajj right now*. Hajj is the pilgrimage that every Muslim is required to make once in their lifetime to the Kaab’a.


Once she returns from hajj, we will add a Hajjah to the front of her name, similar to someone getting married and going from Miss to Mrs, in European culture. (A man would have Hajj added to his name also)


This is a sign of respect and is only earned by someone who has made the voyage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to perform the tawaf.  This is one of the rituals of the hajj, walking around the Kaab’a seven times, in a counterclockwise direction.


Since we are pretty sure the Kaab’a gum wrapper we had made her has long been recycled, we thought we would give her a daily reminder of her voyage. We made this Kaab’a bookmark she can add to her Quran, the Muslim holy book.



Double sided tape
Origami paper in black and yellow

We started by folding our black origami paper into a triangle.

Then we placed the lower left point on top of the top point and made a fold.

We did the same on the other side.

We then unfolded the two points and took only one of the top points and folded it straight down.

The final step in the bookmark fold is to tuck the left and right points that we had folded earlier into the new fold we had just created.

We set aside our bookmark and cut off a strip from the yellow origami paper.

We placed double sided tape on the back of the yellow origami paper and added it to the front of our bookmark.

Place it one third of the way down on the Kaab’a to slightly represent the gold-embroidered Quranic text that is on the kiswah, the embroidered black velvet covering. Turn your bookmark over and cut off any access yellow paper.

Now your bookmark is done and this is what the front will look like once the yellow is trimmed.

The bookmark tucks into the corner of any page, or it can accommodate several pages together if she’d like to save an entire sura, the Arabic word for a chapter in the Quran.

Plus I have to say I love the bonus that the bookmark is away from the book spine, not causing any added strain to her Quran.

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*(May Allah accept her pilgrimage and forgive her sins).



Eid Al Adha Frolicking Sheep Banner {Tutorial}

Eid Al Adha, the second of two Muslim major holidays, will be on September 1, 2017 this year and we need to get our house ready for visitors.


I wanted to keep it simple because back to school activities are in high gear with three girls going to three different schools this year. I decided to punch out some circles and use precut letters to pull this banner together in a few minutes time.


I saw these Martha Stewart baby felt stickers on sale recently and grabbed them right away because the sheep were so cute. And of course the moon and star design caught my eye. Can I be honest? I got more than one, but don’t tell my husband!


Tip: When you are making banners, always be on the lookout for large stickers that are mirror images of each other. This allows you to “bookend” the design between the letters.



I started by using the large hole punch to create 5 blue and 3 green circles.

I cut the green circles in half and sent them through the grass punch.

I added double sided tape to the green card stock and added it on top of the blue, towards the bottom. You will need two blue circles for the sheep and three to spell out E I D.

I lifted up a few blades of “grass” and added the sheep stickers, with the legs covered. This makes them look like they are frolicking in the grass.  Make sure to have both sheep facing inward.

I added two holes at the top of the 5 circles, for the ribbon.

Making sure I placed the two lambs at the ends, I add all the circles to the ribbon.

I place the E I D stickers on the three blank inner circles.


My banner is done and ready to hang in my window to let my neighbors we are ready for Eid.


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