Eid Al Adha Sheep Countdown {Printable}

Today begins Dhu Al Hijja in the Islamic calendar, the last month of the year.


Very similar to the last ten nights of Ramadan being the best ten nights, these first ten days of Dhu Al Hijja are the best days of the year.


The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said “There is no deed that is better in the sight of Allah or more greatly rewarded than a good deed done in the (first) ten days of Al-Adha”.

Muslims are encouraged to implement not only good deeds onto others, but also to perform hajj, the pilgrimage to visit the Kaab’a in Saudi Arabia, fast, pray and celebrate in the Eid Al Adha festivities with their community at the end of the ten days. Sheep and other meat is slaughtered and cooked for hours at large family gatherings.


To encourage my daughters to be aware of how special these 10 days are, we have created a giving tree, along with this Eid Al Adha sheep countdown coloring page. Each day we complete a task on the tree, one of the girls glues a cotton ball to the sheep we have placed on our refrigerator. Once the sheep is full of wool…ahem cotton…then it’s time for Eid Al Adha!

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Kaab’a Cardboard Tube Party Favor {Tutorial}

The Kaab’a party favor we made today is actually a combination of two past tutorials we’ve made here on the blog.


When we were making the khatam gift wrap, I noticed the square shape. Last week when I put together the tutorial for the Kaab’a gum party favor, the light bulb went off to turn the square shape tubes into cube party favors the kids can make.


The Holy Kaa’ba (Arabic: ٱلْكَعْبَة‎‎ al-kaʿbah, “The Cube”, also referred as al-ka`bah al-musharrafah), is a building at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque, the Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Arabic: الـمَـسـجِـد الـحَـرَام‎‎, The Sacred Mosque), in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


One of the Five Pillars of Islam requires every Muslim who is able to do so to perform the hajj pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. Multiple parts of the hajj require pilgrims to make tawaf, the circumambulation seven times around the Kaab’a in a counter-clockwise direction.



Hot glue gun
Gold glitter pipe cleaner
Cardboard tube
Black card stock

We used a paper towel roll, which will give two party favors. You will need to fold it in half to find the center point.

Cut the cardboard tube on the fold.

Fold each section in half again to create the four corners of the cube.

Use the scissors to cut along two of the sides.

Fold over the cardboard tab you created, making sure it touches across so your cube will close.

Once it’s okay, cut off the other three sides.

Do the other side of your tube and now our cardboard should now look like this.

Use the hot glue to seal up the three sides of the bottom of the cube.

Once the glue is set, cut out the black card stock to size and glue it on your cube.

Wrap the gold pipe cleaner around the cube and use the hot glue to keep it in place.

Add the treats to the cube and fold over the top. We decided not to glue the top so the kids would not tear it but simply open it.

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Iqra Stenciled Magazine Holder {Tutorial}

I recently found a canvas magazine holder that is perfect for our guest room and wanted to personalize it with the word iqra, which is ‘read’ in Arabic.


I decided to use the beautiful Martha Stewart alphabet stencils that would allow to me write out the word iqra in a unique font. I had gotten them to try out as a Plaid Ambassador.


I also received something that I’d never tried before: adhesive laser cut stencils that allow for layers and dimensions.  My daughter and I spent the afternoon using two different color paints for our design and we’d like to show you how easy they were to do.



Adhesive laser cut layering stencil
Letter stencil
Foam brush
Magazine Holder
Painters tape (optional)

The great thing about these stencil is that they stay on the canvas. Usually I use painters tape to hold down the stencil but there is no need here, so fantastic.  BUT if you have a little child painting, you may want to use the tape to make sure they stay inside the blue area.

My daughter used the tip of the sponge brush to fill in the stencil. Make sure it’s dry before removing the stencil. This helps you see if you missed any spots. The great thing about these stencils is they are repositionable and reusable. Also easy to clean with soap and water.

For the bird and flowers, I did use the blue tape to make sure she didn’t get any paint in any of the surrounding stencils. Let everything dry.

Here is what everything looks like with only one color.

Now it’s’ time to add some magic. The second stencil fits right over the image, but is cut a different way. Some parts will be repainted, others will remain the first color.

And here is the final masterpiece, ready to rehang in our wood frame. You can decide if you want the darker color on top or even if you want to use contrasting colors, the choices are endless!

Our guest will now hopefully enjoy reaching for a magazine and doing just as the outside suggests: iqra!

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