Moon and Star Confetti Bookmark {Tutorial}

My daughters and I crafted this moon and star bookmark as part of today’s Ramadan craft challenge because it incorporates one of the most common symbols of Islamic culture, the crescent moon and star.

It is well known as representing the Ottoman Empire, but has been traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphs. When the moon and star appear together, they formed a shape that was a determiner for the word ‘month.’

Ottoman successor states using the star and crescent design in their flag are Tunisia (1956), Libya (1951, re-introduced 2011) and Algeria (1958).

My teen and I made a bookmark with confetti moon and stars, using paint chips we picked up at the hardware store last time we were there.


Contact paper
Paint chip
Moon & Star Punch

We cut out a rectangle from the paint chips. Then we cut out the inside to create a frame.  We did this to both pieces of paint chips.

We used the inside of the paint chips to hole punch some moons and stars from the different colors on the paint chip.

We cut out a piece of contact paper twice the side of the bookmark and folded it in half. I helped my daughter only remove half the backing on one side and place one of the paint chip frames upside on top.  She then placed half the moons and stars in various positions.

Once she was done with half, she added a dot of glue to the back of the moons and the sides of the bookmark. Add the second paint chip and place moons and stars over the glue. This helps hold them in place for the next step.

Now, very carefully, remove the other half of the contact paper backing and fold it over the bookmark. Cut off any access contact paper on the sides.

Your bookmark is ready to use and looks beautiful on either side!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.