Arabic Chalkboard Lazy Susan {Tutorial}

Today’s Ramadan craft project involves updating an item in our kitchen, a Lazy Susan, into an Arabic educational tool.  A Lazy Susan is a rotating tray that is placed on a table to aid in distributing food.


We have had our Lazy Susan for a number of years and use it daily at dinner time. Since I am trying to incorporate more Arabic into our lives this Ramadan, starting with this month’s holy calendar, I thought I would could use the tray to help introduce more food words.


All I needed were a couple of paints I had received as my role as Plaid Ambassador for Plaid Online  (make sure you enter for a chance to win $50 worth of Mod Podge accessories on Facebook).


I gave my daughters the day off today from crafting to did this DIY craft tutorial myself. I want to surprise them with it at dinner tonight. Not counting drying time, the entire project took only a few minutes of painting.



Chalk paint
Eggshell finish paint

I first made sure the Lazy Susan was clean of all food droppings and then painted the outer edge with the chalkboard paint. I added a second layer once the first layer had dried.

I painted the inside of the Lazy Susan with the beautiful blue ink paint.

Before I could write on the chalk area, it has to be conditioned. This is done by rubbing the entire area with chalk, letting it sit for a few minutes and then cleaning it off.

Now it was ready to be used for our iftar dinner.  Iftar is the Arabic name for the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan.

Update: My daughters were so happy to see the Lazy Susan had a make over.  And we spent the rest of dinner learning new words riz, rice and laham baqir, beef.  We also talked about what else we can write on our new teaching chalkboard. My youngest suggested leaving time for doodles while waiting for dinner to cool.


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Recycled Na’layn Suncatcher {Tutorial}

ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher TutorialOur Ramadan craft today involves rescuing some cds and turning them into beautiful suncatchers.


We had some compact discs that were on their way to the trash can when I discovered that they could be used as sun catchers, once the shiny covers were removed.


Peeling the covers allowed a beautiful surface to be revealed, transforming them into clear canvases.


Since most stained glass materials are dangerous to children, I love using the gallery glass from Plaid Online as it contains no lead.  I received it as my role as a Plaid Ambassador and we used it a few months ago to make a moon and star suncatcher.


Today my teen daughter and I made the shape of the na’layn in Arabic, which represent the blessed sandals of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on a cd suncatcher. Some Muslims believe that in different forms the na’layn benefits and protects the carrier.


Gallery Glass leading blanks
Gallery Glass Paints
Gallery liquid leading
Duct tape
Decorative bead
String crystal beads
Oval rings
Recycled cds
Na’layn template
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
I used the drill to make two holes on opposite sides of the cd. Even though we will not be using the holes till the end, when we add the beads, we need them now so that the duct tape can work in the next step.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
The cover will not peel off the cd until a hole or gash is made. Once that is created, my daughter placed a piece of duct tape over the hole and pressed it very hard. When she peeled off the tape, the shiny cover should come off the cd. Sometimes the images are added in a way that will not allow them to lift, but most of the time we were lucky in cleaning off the shiny material.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
My daughter placed the na’layn template under the clean cd and used the lead black paint to outline the design.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
She worked with a steady hand, working in short lines and taking her time. Any mistakes were quickly cleaned up with a qtip.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
Once the black had set, we placed the cd on the lead blank and added the colors. Any bubbles we saw, we poked with a safety pin.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
To make sure the middle of the cd was covered in the same color, we made sure to do the middle of the lead blank and that it not move for a few hours. Once all the colors had set the next day, the middle stayed solid.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
My daughter used the pliers to open the oval rings and add the beads to them before adding them to the cd holes.ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
Our suncatcher was done and ready to hang.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial
We hung it to our window with a suction hook.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial1
It looks so beautiful when the light shines through.
ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial

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ACraftyArab Recycled Nalayn Suncatcher Tutorial Pin

Ramadan Lenticular Artwork {Printable} Guest Blog

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