Arabesque Felt Tea Coaster {Tutorial} Guest Post

Today’s Ramadan craft was made by a guest so I could enjoy the day with my family.

This beautiful felt tea coaster was made by Rawya Hoballah, who loves to craft and sent me a few to choose from.

I picked this tea coaster as I loved the arabesque design on it.

It reminded me of a number of arabesque pattered type of crafts we have made before that I will list at the bottom of this post.


  • Felt sheets
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors

Step 1

Use something round ( bigger than the tea cups you use at home) to draw a circle on the felt, cut 2 circles of the same color.

Step 2

Cut around the template in the tutorial or any other simple design for example and pin it on the other color that you choose, then cut around it.

Step 3

Using only 2 strands from the embroidery thread (there are 6).

Step 4

Sew the shape to one of the circles you already cut.

Step 5

Now sew both circles together.

Step 6

When you finish the whole circle you can secure the thread by going back and forth in the last 2 stitches as shown in the photo.

Enjoy your tea!

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Allah Gallery Glass Suncatcher {Tutorial}

We made this suncatcher as part of our Ramadan crafts today that says Allah, the Arabic word for God, for a special soul.

Our beloved pet, Shems the Siamese cat, who was 16 years old, passed away today and we buried her in the back yard.

We thought this suncatcher, placed right over where she is, below our living room window, would be a good way to remember her. My daughter helped me pick out the colors and the design then took part of her day to put it together.


  • Gallery glass – Red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue & clear
  • Liquid lead
  • Leading blanks
  • Paper templates deisgns

We started by placing the background design on the back of the leading blanks and outlining the dark lines with the liquid lead.

The next step is to place the Allah printout behind the leading blank and outlining all the lines also.

My daughter helped me fill in all the gallery glass colors, making sure not to leave any bubbles. She used the clear gallery glass for the middle. She tapped the bottom of the leading blank, gently under each color after filling it in, to get rid of bubbles she did find.

We let the suncatcher sit on a flat surface for eight hours, then peeled it off the leading blank.

Now it was ready to hand in our window.

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Eid Sequence Paper Plate {Tutorial}

Taking things that are ordinary and making them stand out, was our mission for today’s Ramadan craft with this plain, square paper plate.

My daughter and I personalized it with a greeting that says Eid Mubarak, or Blessed Eid, a common phrase Muslims say to each other at Eid Al Fitr, which is due to occur at the start of June 2019.

We will be taking our Eid paper plate to a party, filled with treats. It will really stand out from all the other potluck items. After the party, if there are any treats left over, we will leave them for the hostess, or pass them on to other friends, and they will come with a unique hand made craft.


  • Paper plate
  • Hole punch
  • Letter stickers
  • Brads
  • Round sequence

To start, my daughter first placed the letters E I D M U B A R A K on the sequence, making sure to always have the hole at the bottom.

Next my daughter placed 11 holes all along one edge of the paper plate.

Next, she added the letter sequence circles to the holes with the brads, making sure to include a blank one for the space between the words.

Now our paper plate is read for treats.

Instead of Eid Mubarak, you can have the letters spell Happy Birthday or your own name. You can also include stickers that are not letters or go all around the entire plate, there are so many possibilities.

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