Eid One Cut Origami Star {Tutorial}

Eid star craft

Now that Eid Al Fitar is next week, we wanted to get our house decorated these last two weeks of Ramadan with these easy Eid one cut origami stars. Eid Al Fitar is the holiday that commemorates the end of the holy month of fasting.

As we are still in quarantine in our home due to COVID19, we looked around for star ideas and remembered this Eid metallic star we had created. If we used origami paper, we could decorate for fairly cheap.

We used it a few days ago to make our camels, so why not use it to make more fun?

These stars are so easy for little hands that it will be very hard for them to stop at just one. Make sure you have plenty of paper on hand, or they will go look for it elsewhere.

Which is perfectly fine, as you can not just put these Eid one cut origami stars up to up to decorate the walls, but you can also add them to presents as gift tags or use them for bookmarks. Just make sure the kids are not cutting up something important, otherwise, this craft is a great way to recycle paper and practice precise folds / easy scissor cuts for young children.


  • Scissors
  • Origami paper

Fold your paper diagonally.

Fold the paper in half again.

Bring one of the corner towards the middle and fold.

You will now bring the opposite end towards the middle. The fold should be perpendicular to the last fold.

Your origami should now look like this.

Now bring up the first corner to the point that was made from the fold in the step above.

Create a new fold across the middle.

And then again once more, wrapping the paper onto itself.

Now make a cut that is diagonal. The deeper the cut angle, the more pointy your star will be.

Open your star shape.

Here is what your final Eid one cut origami star should look like.

Once you master the fold, it is very easy to make more.

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Eid star craft


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