Gallery Glass Persian Suncatcher {Tutorial}

We crafted this Gallery Glass Persian suncatcher, inspired by a 12 pointed star shaped tile from the city of Khargird in northeastern Iran.

We got the idea from a follower on Twitter, who had commented after our Nesting Khatam Mobile {Tutorial} auto posted, that it reminded them of this tile that is now housed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

My daughter and I spent the afternoon looking at various 12 pointed star shapes before deciding we were going to try to make our own into a suncatcher.


The Gallery Glass bottles have a very big opening for the pour, so I purchased these bottles with a very small opening. This helps to make the lead lines thinner.

We placed some of the lead into the smaller bottle and then took a little time to practice drawing lines with the new tip.

My daughter placed the 12 point tile printout inside the pocket folder. I added some blue tape to hold it down inside a picture frame, but this is optional. I thought it would help my daughter keep the piece flat, while giving her the ability to turn it.

Now my daughter started to outline the suncatcher with the lead, then filling in the space with colors after. If a bubble occurred while she was working, she used the needle that came with the small bottle to pop it.

After the entire suncatcher was finished, my daughter set it in the sunshine for a few hours. She waited for the colors to change their tone, as you can see from the blue below. She then added a second layer.

We set the suncatcher on a flat surface to dry for a few hours, then slowly peeled it off the pocket folder.

Our beautiful suncatcher, inspired by a star‑shaped tile with interlaced design that once graced the walls of the west iwan (vault) of the Madrasa al‑Ghiyathiyya, a religious school completed in 846/1442–43 in the city of Khargird in northeastern Iran, is now done and ready for our window.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.