About A Crafty Arab

A Crafty Arab is the 2008 brainchild of Koloud Tarapolsi, a Libyan American who wanted to handcraft a vibrant Arab world. Born and raised in North Africa, her parents, fearing for their children’s safety, moved their family to the United States when she was a young child.

As a naturalized citizen Ms. Tarapolsi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Art History and her Master’s in International Studies with a certification in museum studies from the University of Washington.

Ms. Tarapolsi started A Crafty Arab with a singular mission – – To introduce young learners around the globe to the many marvelous wonders of the Arab world, Muslim culture, and the Arabic language.

A Crafty Arab accomplishes its singular mission in two ways: 1) a free educational multicultural blog, and 2) by selling Arabic educational products that help support this blog

A Crafty Arab educational products can be found online on Amazon, and Zibbet or these locations

  • Seattle Public Library FriendShop, Seattle, WA
  • Arab American Museum in Dearborn, MI
  • Jerusalem Fund in Washington, DC
  • Smithsonian African Museum in Washington, DC

Arabic language educational products

The Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster became an idea back in 2002 when Koloud Tarapolsi received an alphabet poster (in English) by Jill M. Schmidt, a published illustrator of children’s books. Ms. Tarapolsi realized there was a need for an Arabic poster that was bright, fun and colorful and began working with Jill in 2010 to create this product line.

A Crafty Arab offers six educational tools to introduce the 28 Arabic alphabet letters to young children. Each item is $18.99 (plus shipping & handling), unless you purchase three at $50.00. All are offered in my ACraftyArab.Zibbet.com shop.

Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster

Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster

This Arabic alphabet poster showcases 28 animals in bright, fun colors that are perfect for your nursery, your child’s room or play areas, or even for yours or your child’s classroom.

Ms. Tarapolsi created this poster because I was unable to find fun, colorful animal posters for my own children to help them learn their Arabic letters.

Ms. Tarapolsi worked with a well-known children’s book illustrator to create these colorful images of animals, each represents the sequence of all 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet.

Arabic Color Animal Poster

Arabic Alphabet Animal Coloring Book

Arab world / Muslim culture blog

A Crafty Arab blog offers tutorials, recipes, printables and book lists for parents, educators and caregivers to share with children of any ages. A Crafty Arab started blogging on October 28th, 2008 on blogger, before moving to wordpress in 2016. Now there are over 700 free resources on the Arabic language, Arab world and Muslim culture. A Crafty Arab blog also educates on holidays throughout the Middle East, such as these: