Arab & Arabic Educational and Cultural Resources

A Crafty Arab often gets asked for recommendations for Arab educational and cultural resources, so this list was recently compiled to help.


Book Resources

The following board contains educational books

Crafty Arab Children Books


Book lists

5 Books with Strong Arab Protagonist {Resource}

6 Arabic Dictionaries for Children {Resource}

7 Stories of Arab Friendship {Resource}

8 Books about Remarkable Muslims {Resource}

8 Eid Al Adha Books for Children {Resource}

11 Arabic Folktales {Resource}

14 Books to Introduce Teens to the Arab World {Resource}

85 Books about the Arab World {Resource}

99 Arab Children Books {Resource}

99 Muslim Children Books {Resource}

99 Ramadan Children Books {Resource}


Book related tutorials

Iqra Stenciled Magazine Holder {Tutorial}

Eid Mubarak Punch Out Bookmark {Tutorial}

Iqra Painted Bookmark {Tutorial}

Iqra Yarn Art {Tutorial}

Mini Eid Book Tutorial {and Bookmark Downloads}

Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark {Tutorial}

Mosque Papercut Bookmark {Tutorial}

Honey and Date Bee Cake {Recipe}


Book reviews

Amal’s Ramadan / Amal’s Eid

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

How Many Donkeys?


My First Ramadan

Naji and the Mystery Dig


Who Hid the Eid Lamb

Aishah Learns to Bake

Meet Yasmin!