Arab World, Muslim Culture & Arabic Educational & Cultural Resources

A Crafty Arab recommendations for Arab world, Muslim culture & Arabic educational and cultural resources to learn about the Middle East & North Africa.

Hopefully these lists are able to help any children educators or caregivers in search of diverse literature. Please follow A Crafty Arab on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter to see when updates are added. Links include affiliate urls, which help support this blog.

Arabic Educational Resources

Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster is Here!

Arabic Colors Animal Poster is here!

Arabic Alphabet Card App is Here {Free Download}

Free Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages {Printable}

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book is Here!

Arab world / MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Educational Resources

One week Seattle Arab Cultural Camp {Resource} – a roundup of a week’s worth of Arab cultural activities.

Teachers Pay Teachers educational printables – a collection of Arab world resources to use in any classroom

Arab & Muslim

Book Resources

If you are a visual person, the following Pinterest board contains educational books that are for or about Arab and Muslim children. Please be sure to follow it to keep up to date on new additions.

Crafty Arab Muslim Children Books

Arab & Muslim

Children Book Lists

2021 Arab Muslim Children Books {Resource}

2020 Arab Muslim Children Books {Resource}

2019 Arab Muslim Children Books {Resource}

5+ Disabled Muslim Children Books {Resource}

5+ Folktale Arab Children Books {Resource}

5 Strong Arab Protagonist Books {Resource}

8 Remarkable Arab Women Artists {Resource}

8 More Remarkable Arab Women Artists (Resource}

10+ Arab American Heritage Month {Resource}

10+ Eid Al Adha Children Books {Resource}

10+ English Arabic Children Dictionaries {Resource}

10+ Father’s Day Muslim Children Books {Resource}

15+ Friendship Arab Children Books {Resource}

15+ MG/YA Arab World Children Books {Resource}

20+ Black History Month Muslim Children Books {Resource}

20+ Jinn Tails, Folktales and Myths Arab Children Books {Resource}

20+ Arab World Palestine Children Books {Resource}

20+ Remarkable Muslims Children Books {Resource}

30+ Protagonist Muslimah MG, YA and Graphic Novels {Resource}

50+ Refugee Muslim Children Books {Resource}

85 Books about the Arab World {Resource}

99 Arab Children Books {Resource}

99 Muslim Children Books {Resource}

99 Muslim childrens books recommendations

99 Ramadan Children Books {Resource}

Arab & Muslim Children Book Tutorials

Arab Women Cartoon Book {Tutorial}

Eid Mubarak Punch Out Bookmark {Tutorial}

Iqra Painted Bookmark {Tutorial}

Iqra Stenciled Magazine Holder {Tutorial}

Iqra Yarn Art {Tutorial}

Kaaba Origami Bookmark {Tutorial}

Kaaba Painted Bookbag {Tutorial}

Kaaba Paper Clip Bookmark {Tutorial}

Moon & Star Boomarks Card {Tutorial}

Moon & Star Confetti Bookmark {Tutorial}

Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark {Tutorial}

Mosque Papercut Bookmark {Tutorial}

My Ramadan Moon Flip Book {Tutorial}

Qatar Bookmark Flag {Tutorial}

Ramadan Good Deeds Book {Tutorial}

Ramadan Good Deeds Sticker Book {Tutorial}

Arab & Muslim

Children Book Reviews

Aishah Learns to Bake plus Honey and Date Bee Cake {Recipe}

Amal’s Eid plus Mini Eid Book Tutorial {and Bookmark Downloads}

Amal’s Ramadan plus Mini Eid Book Tutorial {and Bookmark Downloads}

Golden Domes & Silver Lanterns

Hands Around the Library

How many Donkeys?


Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Let’s Celebrate Ramadan & Eid

Meet Yasmin

My First Ramadan

Naji and the Mystery of the Dig

Night of the Moon

Sadiq and the Desert Star

Sandwich Swap


Who Hid The Eid Lamb?

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Read Your World

SaveI am so honored to be a Co-Host of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, celebrated the last Friday in January.

3 Tips to add Multicultural Children’s Book Day to your School Library {Resource}

Growing MCBD #ReadYourWorld {Resource}