Arab World, Muslim Culture & Arabic Educational and Cultural Resources

A Crafty Arab often gets asked for recommendations for Arab world, Muslim culture & Arabic educational and cultural resources, so this list was recently compiled to help.

Book Resources

The following board contains educational books

Crafty Arab Children Books

Book lists

5 Books with Strong Arab Protagonist {Resource}

6 Arabic Dictionaries for Children {Resource}

7 Stories of Arab Friendship {Resource}

8 Books about Remarkable Muslims {Resource}

8 Eid Al Adha Books for Children {Resource}

11 Arabic Folktales {Resource}

14 Books to Introduce Teens to the Arab World {Resource}

85 Books about the Arab World {Resource}

99 Arab Children Books {Resource}

99 Muslim Children Books {Resource}

99 Ramadan Children Books {Resource}

Book related tutorials

Iqra Stenciled Magazine Holder {Tutorial}

Eid Mubarak Punch Out Bookmark {Tutorial}

Iqra Painted Bookmark {Tutorial}

Iqra Yarn Art {Tutorial}

Mini Eid Book Tutorial {and Bookmark Downloads}

Moon and Star Punch Art Bookmark {Tutorial}

Mosque Papercut Bookmark {Tutorial}

Honey and Date Bee Cake {Recipe}

Book reviews

Amal’s Ramadan / Amal’s Eid

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

How Many Donkeys?


My First Ramadan

Naji and the Mystery Dig


Who Hid the Eid Lamb

Aishah Learns to Bake

Meet Yasmin!