Recycled Tyvek Gift Bag {Tutorial}

A few days ago my daughter and I learned how to make recycled Tyvek gift bags at the Gates Foundation Discovery Center Giving Marketplace.


I was volunteering to (wo)man a table for the Salaam Cultural Museum Medical Missions as the director had just had surgery.  I found out she needed help when we were talking about donating sales from my Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book to help her refugee causes.


I also brought henna supplies to write people’s names in Arabic on their hands. It was a fun activity and I think I’ll offer it at other upcoming shows. We were able to raise almost $100 for refugees from the henna alone.

The Discovery Center had some activities for adults and children in the back, one of which included making a reusable gift bag from recycled Tyvek.


According to Wikipedia, Tyvekis a synthetic material, often seen used as housewrap, to protect buildings during construction. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. Water vapor can pass through Tyvek, but liquid water cannot. All of these properties make Tyvek useful in a variety of applications.”


The Discovery Center had many colorful choices for duct tape, but on Saturday I brought our favorite pattern from home, so our gift bag would match our wallet, pencil case, and messenger bag.


It was a lively activity because there were many other creative people at the table, making their gift bags at the same time.

I took photos of our process in case you want to try making these at home.



Tyvek cut into squares
Hole punch
Square template
Duct tape
Marker pens

We started by folding over the Tyvek so that it overlapped.

Next we used the duct tape in the middle and tucked in the ends.

We added a fold into the bottom of our bag that created two large Vs on each side.

Again, we made the two sides overlap and taped them down. Before adding the duct tape, we used the stapler to give the bottom extra support.

To finishes off the bag, we folded over the top. We used the hole punch to make the holes for the ribbon handles, which we added with a knot inside.

The final step was to decorate the outside of the bag, and of course we choose a khatam design. Khatam is the Arabic word for eight point star, and very easy to make with a square template. Simply drawn in the square, offset another square and eight points are made.

This is our completed bag.

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Gates Foundation Giving Marketplace {Outing}

I am taking part in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center’s Giving Marketplace. I will be  volunteering at the table for Salaam Cultural Museum Medical Mission and donating sales from A Crafty Arab’s children’s educational products.


It will be happening this Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st.  According to their Facebook page, the event is set up for people who want to a difference this holiday season to connect with organizations making a change locally and around the world.

There are over 30 vendors set up to find unique, socially conscious gifts for family and friends at more than a dozen pop-up shops that support causes such as clean water, health, and education.


SCMMedical Missions will be selling jewelry made by Syrian refugee women in the Zaatari refugee camp, the third largest refugee city in the world, that is based in Jordan. It was formed in 2012 after the Syrian war started and has now developed into a permanent city, the second largest in Jordan.


SCMMedical Missions buys local beads, so that they carry the proper alloys & chemical components that pass American inspection, then takes them to the Zaatari refugee camp so the the women can make them into earrings, braclets and necklaces.  Then the SCMMedical Missions sells them at local fairs and gives the money back to the women.


I will also be selling my Arabic alphabet animal poster, Arabic colors animal poster, Arabic pronunciation magnets and the brand new Arabic alphabet coloring book.  I am donating my sales from the event because I love the organization so much.


Please stop by the Discovery Center at 440 5th Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109 to support the Giving Marketplace event partners and check out our table:


Another volunteer and I went tonight to set up the space and it looks very exciting with all the other vendors that we saw also setting up.  Joins us and find unique, socially-conscious gifts for family and friends at dozens of pop-up shops that support causes such as women & girls, health, the environment and the refugee crisis.  There will also be an opportunity to make a gift bag and gift card for free.


We hope to see you there!

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Update: The Giving Marketplace went very well for SCMMedicatl Missions. We were able to raise close to $1000 in two days for refugees causes.  And I sold my first Arabic coloring book.  She was ecstatic to be my first book sale, as she was buying it for friends with kids. Both of us were so excited for the transaction and hugged each other several times. Thank you Linda!

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book is Here!

Eight years ago, I printed the Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster and today I’m celebrating the self publishing of the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book.


I always knew the poster would grow into other products to introduce the Arabic language to kids in a colorful, bright, and fun way.


Soon I went on to produce magnets and a successful Kickstarter campaign for game cards.


I also created the Arabic Colors Animal Poster and today I am excited to announce the debut of the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book.


The new Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book features all 28 animals and their corresponding letter with a sturdy 125# cover. There are also two Arabic alphabet poster images inside, to help with original animal colors.


It also has a new coloring book Parent and Teacher Guide to help with each letter.  The paper is made from a 70# paper weight to withstand crayons or markers and each animal is printed on a single page, so there will be no bleed through.


Right now it is only available on A Crafty Arab’s Zibbet shop. I will update this page as more places become available.


Sign up for the newsletter to get the first three letters for free.


If you are in Seattle, a few copies will be sold at the Gates Foundation Holiday Marketplace on November 30th and December 1st. I am donating proceeds from each sale to help a local refugee organization, Salaam Cultural Museum. I will also made them a limited supply of Arabic Christmas Cards.

Shukran (Arabic for thank you) for supporting A Crafty Arab.