Eid PomPom Mini Banner {Tutorial}

We love to make pompoms because yarn is such an inexpensive medium for the amount in a spool.  For our Ramadan craft today we decided to try our hand at making an Eid pompom mini banner using clamps.


Eid Al Fitr is the holiday that comes at the end of Ramadan and is due to start this Friday.


Once you try your first banner, you’ll get the hang of how many pompoms to add to make them smaller or larger.  You can also decide to make your banner multicolored like ours, or only choose a few colors to follow a theme.


I had to ask my husband to borrow the clamps we used to make the pompom since they were not a tool I normally keep in my studio.  Otherwise the supplies for this craft tutorial are minimal and your banner length is only limited by your table length.



C clamps

Place the clamp on the end of a table and tie the main line to the top. This is the yarn that you will not cut, so for the tutorial, I made it white so you can see it.

Add more colors to the c clamp, alternating the colors but making sure to keep the white yarn always at the top.

Cut smaller strands of the white yarn, as many as you want pompoms.

Tie the smaller strands around all the colorful yarns, making sure the knots are tight. I did one on top and two below to make sure they did not slip.

Cut the extra hanging strands short. Next you’ll want to hold all the color yarn together, except for the white yarn, and cut across.

Keep cutting across until all the pompoms are cut.  untie the white yarn from the c clamps

Fluff up each pompom and cut off any strands that might not match.

Your banner is now ready to decorate with and that was so easy and fast, we made two.

I think our next one will be school colors to celebrate the last day of school next week.

But for now, this one will be combined with our original Eid pompom banner for our upcoming weekend celebration(s).

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Ramadan Lantern Washi Card {Tutorial}

My daughter had so much fun making yesterday’s Ramadan craft that she just kept going with the washi tape.  After she made the moon and star, she started on a lantern shape.


Today I’ll show you how she made a Ramadan lantern, called a fanous, فانوس‎ in Arabic. They can be found in houses, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc in Arab countries and other parts of the world that celebrate Ramadan.


She used the same supplies we had, but substituted a card instead of a favor bags.



Washi tape
Double sided tape

My teen worked on this project by first using the ruler and pencil to draw out a lantern shape.

Once she had it drawn out, she used the scissors to cut it out.

She started at the top and working her way down, she added the different colored washi tape.

Once her lantern was covered, she turned it over and folded over all the tape edges.

The final step was to add double sided tape to the back of the lantern and add it to her card.

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Eid Moon and Star Washi Favors {Tutorial}

Before you begin today’s Ramadan craft, I have to warn you that it may become addictive.  The latest craze that my daughter has discovered is washi tape.


We’ve used it before to make an Eid origami necklace, but this time, we had to buy more colors and designs.


This is justified by telling ourselves that the thinner washi tape will look better on the Ramadan moon and star we are going to make, but let’s be honest, who can stop at only buying one washi roll?


Since we bought a number of rolls, we did more than one shape. Come back tomorrow and see what my daughter does with more of today’s fun.




Washi tape
Favor bags (instead of card)
Double sided tape


She started by using the ruler to draw out two squares offset from each other to make the khatam. A khatam is the Arabic word for eight point star and used a lot in Arab architecture. She also drew a moon shape and cut both out.

My daughter added washi tape, alternating the different ones to make a pattern.

Once the shapes were covered, she turned them over and made sure the edges of tape had a solid fold so that the fronts looked clean.

The final step was using the double sided tape to add the moon and star shapes to the favor bags.

Well, there is also the step of filling the bags, either a flat gift card, or a few toys like a spinning top, eraser and a candy coin.  To find more ideas of what to put inside the bags, be sure to stop by these 99 non candy Eid favors suggestions.


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