Eid Al Adha Sheep Countdown {Printable}

Today begins Dhu Al Hijja in the Islamic calendar, the last month of the year.


Very similar to the last ten nights of Ramadan being the best ten nights, these first ten days of Dhu Al Hijja are the best days of the year.


The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said “There is no deed that is better in the sight of Allah or more greatly rewarded than a good deed done in the (first) ten days of Al-Adha”.

Muslims are encouraged to implement not only good deeds onto others, but also to perform hajj, the pilgrimage to visit the Kaab’a in Saudi Arabia, fast, pray and celebrate in the Eid Al Adha festivities with their community at the end of the ten days. Sheep and other meat is slaughtered and cooked for hours at large family gatherings.


To encourage my daughters to be aware of how special these 10 days are, we have created a giving tree, along with this Eid Al Adha sheep countdown coloring page. Each day we complete a task on the tree, one of the girls glues a cotton ball to the sheep we have placed on our refrigerator. Once the sheep is full of wool…ahem cotton…then it’s time for Eid Al Adha!

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Happy Eid Salmon {Printable}

Day 15 means we are halfway through our Ramadan crafts challenge.


This means that Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday to commemorate the end of Ramadan, is right around the corner.


For those thinking of Eid decorations, I wanted to share the printables I made today to start getting ready.  They are an update of my teal Eid decorations, but with the salmon color that came in second in last year’s color vote.

Salmon Lantern Banner Start

Salmon Lantern Banner H

Salmon Lantern Banner A

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner P1

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner P2

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner Y

ACraftyArab Salmon Banner E

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner I

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner D


Bonus – Extra paper sheet Arabesque Salmon Ramadan Design1

Extra paper sheet Arabesque Salmon Ramadan Design2


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