Happy Eid Salmon {Printable}

Day 15 means we are halfway through our Ramadan crafts challenge.


This means that Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday to commemorate the end of Ramadan, is right around the corner.


For those thinking of Eid decorations, I wanted to share the printables I made today to start getting ready.  They are an update of my teal Eid decorations, but with the salmon color that came in second in last year’s color vote.

Salmon Lantern Banner Start

Salmon Lantern Banner H

Salmon Lantern Banner A

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner P1

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner P2

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner Y

ACraftyArab Salmon Banner E

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner I

ACraftyArab Salmon Lantern Banner D


Bonus – Extra paper sheet Arabesque Salmon Ramadan Design1

Extra paper sheet Arabesque Salmon Ramadan Design2


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Salah Party Prayer Charts {Printable}

Salah, or salat, is the Arabic word for prayer.  In Islam, Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day, pointing thier prayer rug towards the kaab’a in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


When teaching children how to pray, it’s sometimes easier for them to get into the habit if they have a chart. Eiman Sunbulli, a young Muslimah mom in one of my Facebook groups has put together a salah chart for a party she recently hosted.  The party was a celebration of her daughter praying her Maghrib prayer every day for 40 days.


She shared:

At the party she chose another prayer to commit to. It was fun and festive with games, a cake with a young girl performing her salah on it, and a congregational prayer. Girls received goody bags in addition to salah charts (with an explanation of the importance of prayer and some motivation).


She printed out these prayer charts, then laminated them at Staples and attached a neon expo marker so that the color shows up against the black.  The marker is attached using Velcro adhesive.

Young Girl My Salah Chart

Young Boy My Salah Chart

As an added bonus, Sister Sunbulli also made charts for some teen girls.

Teen Girl My Salah Chart


Jazak Allah khair Sister Sunbulli for sharing!


Check out our Salat chart we made a few years ago.

Islamic Daily Prayer Chart {Tutorial} Guest Post

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