Plan Everything with Ihsan {Printable}

ACraftyArab Plan Everything with Ihsan Free Printable
ACraftyArab Plan Everything with Ihsan Free Printable


A few years ago, I created a free printable that said Begin Everything with Bismillah.


I wanted to update this printable and asked one of my craft groups for ideas. Sumbal Ahmed suggested “Try your best-do everything with a level of ehsan.


In Arabic  إحسان  spelled either as enhsa or ihsan in English, is a term meaning “perfection” or “excellence.”


From wikipedia:

It is a matter of taking one’s inner faith and showing it in both deed and action, a sense of social responsibility borne from religious convictions.


Please enjoy this Plan Everything with Ihsan free printable here to compliment Begin Everything with Bismillah.


Come back next week for one more print to complete this series.  In the meantime, enjoy these other free printables on ACraftyArab Pinterest.





Happy Eid – Teal {Free Printables}

A few days ago, I ask people to vote on their Happy Eid.


What a fun campaign that was! I asked in two of my private Facebook groups and on my A Crafty Arab business page.


There were 97 votes cast and 50 of them were for teal. Teal and salmon came in a close second with 38 votes.


So without much further ado, I give you free Eid printables for your upcoming holiday party…in teal!

Teal - blank labels

Happy Eid – Teal – blank labels

Teal - circles

Happy Eid Teal – circles

Teal - cupcakes
Happy Eid – Teal – cupcakes
Teal - drinks
Happy Eid – Teal – drinks

Teal - Flags signs

Happy Eid Teal – Flags signs

Teal - gift tags

Happy Eid Teal – gift tags

Teal - paper1

Happy Eid Teal – paper1

Teal - paper2

Happy Eid Teal – paper2


Teal - paper3
Happy Eid Teal – paper3


Stop by ACraftyArab’s Zibbet shop to see more Eid Decor and come back tomorrow to be able to download the banner!

ACraftyArab TealWP






Vote for your Happy Eid {Free Printables}

Vote for Your Happy Eid copyI would like to update my Green Eid Decorations free printables and asked one of my Facebook groups for advice on colors.


I narrowed the list down to these five choices and now I’d like to ask everyone’s help in voting on their favorite.  I’ll update the entire party set for free download once the final choice has been decided.


Visit ACraftyArab Facebook page and vote for:

  1. Teal
  2. Bright Green
  3. Teal & Salmon
  4. Teal & Gold
  5. Gold & Black
  6. Other suggestions?!?

Happy Eid Welcome sign - teal copy1. Happy Eid Welcome sign – TealHappy Eid Welcome sign - bright green copy

2. Happy Eid Welcome sign – Bright Green

Happy Eid Welcome sign - salmon teal copy

3. Happy Eid Welcome sign – Teal & SalmonHappy Eid Welcome sign - gold teal copy

4. Happy Eid Welcome sign – Teal & GoldHappy Eid Welcome sign - gold black copy

5. Happy Eid Welcome sign – Gold & Black

Or…6. Suggest your own!

Head over to the Facebook ACraftyArab page to vote. Be sure to tag your friends to come and vote.


Can’t decide from a website? I’ve made all the images above downloadable so that you can print them and tape them in your living room like paint samples.


I’ll choose the final one by next Monday so everyone will have plenty of time to print out and decorate for their Happy Eid party.