Ramadan Crafts Contest Winner {Resource}

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of #CraftyRamadan, a Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge, A Crafty Arab held a contest and today we picked a winner.

This annual challenge was to create a project a day for the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, when Muslims around the world fast, with 30 days of activities for parents and caregivers to do with children.

My daughters and I were excited to see all the crafts that we had been tagged in.

Ultimately we picked Daisy, who used our Nazar felt tutorial to create her own hair clip for her daughter.

We have to say, it was an incredibly hard decision as there were so many great choices. We will be contacting them to offer other prizes since we were so touched that our tutorials were used.

Due to the pandemic, Plaid Crafts is a little backed up in the warehouse and will have to substitute a few items from those that I listed on the original contest rules.

To make up for it, they will increase the prize package from $50 to $100. What a generous offer! Be sure to check out all the ways we have fun with my role as Plaid Ambassador.

Ramadan Crafts 2020 Challenge Roundup {Resource}

Shukran (Arabic for thank you and written like this: شكرا) for following our 2020 Ramadan crafts daily challenge.

We have enjoyed creating an activity a day during the holy month, that teaches about Arab culture and the Muslim world for you.

My family would like to wish our supportive community an Eid Mubarak.

Eid AlFitar is today, the holiday that comes at the end of Ramadan and Eid Mubarak is a greeting that means Blessed Eid.

We started our 30 day Ramadan crafts challenge back in July 2011. Our tradition has continued annually through 2012, 2013, 2014. 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Here are the Ramadan crafts daily 2020 challenge posts over the holy month:

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Ramadan Day 7: Recycled Arabic Pen Holder {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 8: Algeria Stitched Flag {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 9: Temporary Kaaba Centerpiece {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 10: Personalized Pita Door Mat {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 11: Folded Origami Camel {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 12: Ramadan Arabic English Crossword {Printable}

Ramadan Day 13: North Africa Hamsa Canvas Bag {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 14: Mashallah Reminder Jar {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 15: Tissue Paper Mosque Suncatcher {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 16: Recycled Sheep Glitter Globe {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 17: Felt Khatam Bookmark {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 18: Fez No Sew Hairclip {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 19: Eid One Cut Origami Star {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 20: Iris Folding Khatam Card {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 21: Gallery Glass Persian Suncatcher {Tutorial} 

Ramadan Day 22: Eid Glitterific Decor {Tutorial} 

Ramadan Day 23: Paper Lantern Chain {Printable}

Ramadan Day 24: Eid Paint Chip Banner {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 25: S’more Crescent Moon Dip {Recipe}

Ramadan Day 26: Eid Treat Mini Bags {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 27: 99 Names of Allah Word Search {Printable}

Ramadan Day 28: Eid Beaded Keychain {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 29: Eid Treasure Hunt {Printable}

Ramadan Day 30: Eid Star Decorative Box {Tutorial}

Eid Mubarak!

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30 Ramadan Quarantine Activity Ideas {Resource}

ramadan kids activities

After making the Ramadan calendar for my daughters to countdown the days of this holy month, I went to find deeds or activities to add inside.

While there were so many great ideas, including one we used in the past, most of the cards had activities that we are not able to do due to COVID19 quarantine. As much as we would like to “visit the mosque” or “take iftar to a new convert” being in isolation has made those ideas impossible at this time.

I took a little time this afternoon and created a list for them of things to do while we are in lock down. They include religious activities, as well as things to do that help pass a full or partial day of fasting for kids.


I hope you are able to use any part of this list for your own Ramadan memories. Have other ideas? Share them with us on Facebook.

To see more resources about Ramadan, be sure to visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest.

ramadan kids activities