2017 Multicultural Children Book Day {Resource} Save The Date

A Crafty Arab Multicultural Children Book Day 2017I was recently asked to be a Co-Host for the Multicultural Children Book Day (MCCBD), to be held January 27, 2017. In a nutshell, a MCCBD Co-Host is like an ambassador for the event and the non-profit work that they do.


The mission of MCCBD is to not only bring raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these of books into classrooms and libraries.


I am so honored to have been asked, since last year I found out about it too late to participate. I can’t wait to see the list of books/authors/publishers that will be offered this year.  More information will be coming up, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to keep updated here.


Check out the hashtage #ReadYourWorld on Instagram and Twitter to read some fantastic past reviews of diverse children’s books.


To see out some of our past book activities here on A Crafty Arab, please visit

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14 Summer Crafts to cheer on the Arab Summer Athletes {Resource}

Olympics collageThe 2016 Summer Games have started in Brazil this week.  We are excited at our house to cheer on the 486 athletes who will represent the Arab world in 362 events.

Over the years, we have created over a dozen projects to celebrate these Middle East and North African (also called MENA) countries and we thought we’d share them with you.

Please feel free to visit some of these activities over the next two weeks to cheer on your favorite MENA country.

(Notes – 1- Kuwait has been suspended, however athletes from that country will be participating. 2 – We have created two Syria crafts for both flags and also wanted to include a project to help refugees)

Start by dowloading some free printables to get to know the MENA countries that are members of the Arab League:

Arab League Countries Word Search {Free Printable}


Sports 13 * Athletes 68 * Events 53

ACraftyArab Algeria Geometric Painting Title
Algeria Geometric Painting


Sports 4 * Athletes 35 * Events 21

ACraftyArab Bahraini Flag Crayon Holder
Bahraini Flag Crayon Holder


Sports 2 * Athletes 4 * Events 4

Craft coming soon!


Sports 3 * Athletes 7 * Events 7

Craft coming soon!


Sports 24 * Athletes 122 * Events 88

ACraftyArab Egyptian Water Bottle
Egyptian Water Bottle


Sports 5 * Athletes 26 * Events 5

Craft coming soon!


Sports 6 * Athletes 8 * Events 8

Craft coming soon!


Sports 0 * Athletes 0 * Events 0

A Crafty Arab PomPom Kuwaiti Flag
PomPom Kuwaiti Flag


Sports 7 * Athletes 9 * Events 9

ACraftyArab Lebanese Cedar Bead Tree
Lebanese Cedar Bead Tree


Sports 6 * Athletes 7 * Events 7

ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg Carton


Sports 1 * Athletes 2 * Events 2

Craft coming soon!


Sports 13 * Athletes 49 * Events 40

ACraftyArab Morocco Flag Candy Dish
Morocco Flag Candy Dish


Sports 2 * Athletes 4 * Events 4

Craft coming soon!


Sports 4 * Athletes 6 * Events 6

ACraftyArab Palestine is in my Heart
Palestine is in my Heart


Sports 10 * Athletes 39 * Events 21

Craft coming soon!

Saudi Arabia

Sports 5 * Athletes 12 * Events 12

Craft coming soon!


Sports 1 * Athletes 2 * Events 2

ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant
Somali Flag Pennant


Sports 3 * Athletes 6 * Events 6

ACraftyArab Sudan Flag Lantern
Sudan Flag Lantern


Sports 5 * Athletes 7 * Events 7

ACraftyArab No Sew Pillows for Syrian Refugees
No Sew Pillows for Syrian Refugees
A Crafty Arab Syrian Pinwheel Flag
Syrian Pinwheel Flag Pre Revolution
Syrian Flag Heart
Syrian Flag Heart NecklaceTutorial Post Revolution


Sports 18 * Athletes 61 * Events 48

ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt
Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt

United Arab Emirates

Sports 6 * Athletes 13 * Events 12

ACraftyArab Emirates Button Card
Emirates Button Card


Sports 3 * Athletes 4 * Events 4

ACraftyArab Yemeni Trivet Title

Stop by the Arab League Pinterest board for more fun projects from MENA.

Olympics collageWP















Arabic Alphabet Card App is Here {Free Download}

Arabic Alphabet Animal App is Here

I’m so excited to announce the Arabic Alphabet Animal App is now available for FREE download.


It’s official. A Crafty Arab is now a mom and pop operation!


My husband came to me two months ago and asked if I’d ever considered putting my Arabic Alphabet Animal Game Cards on an app.


“Of course,” I said. “It’s been a dream, but I have no money to hire a developer to make it for me.”


“I’ll try it,” he said and headed to our local library to research how.   And I fell in love with him all over again.


Now it’s live. Something that has been a goal for so long is physically in my daughter’s hands.  It’s beautiful to see the power of dua’a (prayer in Arabic) become a reality.


It’s design is simple and easy to use for little hands. It will hopefully entertain your kids and introduce them visually to the Arabic alphabet.


Download Arabic Alphabet Cards for free here.


If you are “old school” and would rather have your child hold the originals, be sure to check out the Arabic Alphabet Animal Game Cards on Amazon, Etsy and Zibbet.


You can also purchase the Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster, Arabic Alphabet Magnets and sign up for our mailing list to receive your free Arabic Alphabet Animal Coloring Pages.


We also recently released the Arabic Color Poster:

ACraftyArab Arabic Colors Poster.


Stay tuned for the Arabic Alphabet Animal Coloring Book coming out next. Plus the designs for the Arabic Shapes Poster and Arabic Numbers Poster have already been started.  If you are a retailer, A Crafty Arab will also be offering an affiliate program in the fall.


And who knows what my husband still has up his sleeve! Watch out world, he’s gone back to the library.