Khatam Yarn Weaving {Tutorial}

We hosted a brunch last weekend and used some funky square plates. After the event, there was one left over that no one had used since it had a yellow spot.


Rather then throw it away, we decided to turn it into a fun yarn weaving craft. To compliment the square design of the plate, we weaved a khatam, or Arabic word for eight point star, shape on the back.



Square paper plates
Yarn needle

Square piece of paper


We started by using the Sharpie to trace out the piece of paper on the back of the paper plate.  Then we turned the paper so that it was offset and traced the square again.

We placed the paper plate on the carpet and used the pushpin to poke holes at all the points.

Then we weaved an outline with the yarn and needle before we started working out the inner design.

Our final product is in the first photo. It was such so easy to do this craft that we made a second using a round paper we dug out of a cabinet.

We also added a pink color yarn to see what it would look like.  We loved it! We also were trying to decide if we wanted to paint the edges, so it looks like it’s framed. We’ll sleep on it…

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Snack Cup Camel {Tutorial}

Snack cups are such fun to use as a craft medium.


We get them for free when we go to our local grocery store and check out the sample table in the back.


On our last visit, my daughter brought her snack cup home after eating what was inside (trail mix) and we decided to use it as a hump for a camel. We just needed to add googly eyes and pom poms.



Snack cup
Googly eyes
Hot glue
Pom poms

My daughters started by drawing the outline of the blanket on the camel’s back with black marker.

She then used the other markers to color in the blanket design, including yellow tassels. After her design was done, she used brown marker to color the rest of the snack cup.

She wanted to make sure I showed you the khatam, the Arabic word for eight point star, she drew on the top.

I helped with this next step, since it involves the hot glue. We added two small pom poms on top of each other for legs. We then added two smaller pom poms and a large one for the neck and head.  Last was adding the googly eyes to the head.

Our cute camel is ready for an afternoon play date! We might need to g back to the grocery store for a playmate.

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Arab World Rocks Tutorial

Yesterday was a snow day in our town so the girls were home from school. We have been talking a lot about the Arab world lately so I decided to take advantage of the day and teach my girls about all the flags.


Since the car wasn’t getting out of the garage, we couldn’t make a run to the craft store for supplies. We looked around our house for things to craft and came across our Eid Mubarak rocks from a few years ago. Bingo!


We started by researching about the Arab world. There are 22 countries that belong in the Arab League. They are all in the Middle East and North Africa, also called MENA, and most have Arabic as their primary or secondary language.


We have been crafting our way thought the countries over the years and, when possible, I have included links to those tutorials so that you can learn more about each country.



Acrylic paint
Foam brush
Mod Podge

We started by washing and drying all our rocks.  We had picked them up from the planter outside our door, so they were covered in mud. But a little soapy water (or a tablespoon of bleach works too, just make sure you use gloves) and good as new.


We dried them with our hair dryer since we were impatient to get started on paining.  To make the colors of the flags really show up well, we painted each rock with white paint.  After that was dried, we covered the white paint with Mod Podge, using our foam brush.

Then we got stared with the first layer. If a flag had a star, writing or other symbols, we made sure to add a layer of Mod Podge between each layer, otherwise the colors run into each other. Here we are doing the Somali flag.

Once all our flags were done, we coated them all with one final layer of Mod Podge to seal them. Now we can use them in games, memory tests or story stones.


Close up of each country:


















Saudi Arabia





United Arab Emirates



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