Laylat Al Qadr Mini Light {Tutorial}

Day 27 of our Ramadan crafts challenge was spent talking about Laylat Al Qadr.


We made new handprint prayers, continuing our tradition from last year.  We also spent part of our afternoon making mini flashlights to get ready for a night of extended prayers.



Cling wrap
Cardboard tube
Card stock
Rubber band

We started by tracing the cardboard tube on the card stock.

Now we know the size of the inside of our cardboard, we drew out a crescent moon and star inside.

We cut out the two shapes.

We laid them out on a piece of cling wrap, then added another piece of cling wrap over. My daughter called it a shapes sandwich.

We centered our shapes on the cardboard tube and added a piece of tape to hold the cling wrap together.

We then added the rubber band to help hold the cling wrap on the tube.

Our final step was adding the flashlight inside the tube and turning it on.

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Eid Balloon Popup Card {Tutorial}

Day 20 of our Ramadan crafts challenge was spent finishing up the last of our Eid card making.


Having tried our hand at a landscape popup card a few days ago, we tried making a box with balloons coming out of it.


The tutorial will have to be pictures only until I get a new keyboard as my ts are not working on my laptop and the ones online are not easy to use.



Double sided tape









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Baba Accordion Card {Tutorial}

Day 23 of our Ramadan challenge was spent crafting for the head of our family, baba.


Baba is the Arabic word for father and my youngest made him a card for Father’s Day, which is today.  We used a technicqe from our Ramadan Accordion Decor but instead wrote out our word this time on one piece of paper



12x 12 card stock paper
B and A printouts
Colored pencils

We started by cutting out our B and A letter print outs.

We turned our letters backwards and traced them out on the wrong side of our card stock.

I cut the word down for my daughter to make this step easier:  She stacked the letters over each other by folding them where they met.

She cut out the spaces between the letters and all the other little details.

The front of the card looks like this when it is opened up. We will fold it all up, so only the B is showing, to place inside our envelope.

But first we need to draw and sign the back of the card.


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