Ramadan Lantern Washi Card {Tutorial}

My daughter had so much fun making yesterday’s Ramadan craft that she just kept going with the washi tape.  After she made the moon and star, she started on a lantern shape.


Today I’ll show you how she made a Ramadan lantern, called a fanous, فانوس‎ in Arabic. They can be found in houses, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc in Arab countries and other parts of the world that celebrate Ramadan.


She used the same supplies we had, but substituted a card instead of a favor bags.



Washi tape
Double sided tape

My teen worked on this project by first using the ruler and pencil to draw out a lantern shape.

Once she had it drawn out, she used the scissors to cut it out.

She started at the top and working her way down, she added the different colored washi tape.

Once her lantern was covered, she turned it over and folded over all the tape edges.

The final step was to add double sided tape to the back of the lantern and add it to her card.

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Eid Reversible Decor {Tutorial}

We have three daughters, which means our house if full of their stuff.  Our Ramadan craft today aims to re-use one of their items, their kitchen chore charts, into Eid decor.


By making the decor reversible, we are able to use it for tracking their daily process and also turn them around and use them for Eid at certain times of the year.


Eid is the Arabic word for festival or holiday.  In the Islamic calendar, Eid Al Fitr is the holiday that follows the holy month of Ramadan and we will be celebrating it on June 15 this year.  However, we would be able to use these signs also during Eid Al Adha, another Islamic holiday.   Since the word is also used in birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc, we can use these several times a year.


I received these fun paints, that shimmer and glitter, from my role as Plaid Ambassador. Be sure to stop by the Facebook contest to win Plaid products. My teen helped put this easy DIY craft tutorial together.



Canvas letters
Chalkboard signs
Arabesque stencil
Paint – pink glitter, purple and red shift
Foam brush

My daughter painted the back of all three chalkboard signs in the red color shift paint.

She allowed them to fully dry, then added the stencil design with the purple color shift.

While that was drying, she added the glitter paint to the canvas letters.

Once both pieces had fully dried, she used the glue to stick the letters to the signs.

I wish you could see these in person, they shimmer and glitter in the light and look so pretty.

Once all three are together, they leave quite the impression.

When they are not being used for an Eid decor, they will be turned around to turn back into chore charts.  Each girl has her own color of chalk and we leave them notes during the day such as “dishes” or “feed the cat” to remind them of their task.

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Moon & Star Paint Chip Earrings {Tutorial}

Today’s Ramadan crafts involves using up some materials we had from a past project, the outline of the country of Oman.


We had made it out of paint chips and used them again today with a punch to create crescent moon and star earrings for an upcoming Eid Al Fitr party.


The crescent moon & star are seen as iconographic symbols of the Islamic religion, dating back to the Ottoman Empire.  Today they can be found on the flags of Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria.


Eid al-Fitr (عيد الفطر‎ in Arabic) is celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan and will occur this year around June 16.


My youngest made these earrings and can’t wait to show them to her friends at the party since she loves the way they sway.



Mini hole punch
Paint chips
Earrings fixings
Punch – circle & star

My daughter punched out four circles and four stars from the different paint chips.

To create the crescent, my daughter put the circles back into the punch and cut out the new shapes.

The next step is to put all four back in to the punch, but this time, my daughter put them in different angles to make them different sizes.

My daughter used the mini hole punch, towards the top, after carefully stacking all four pieces.

She added the ovals to the moon and star, along with the earring fixings.

Now the earrings are done and ready to be enjoyed. She now wants to try it again with different colors.  I guess it’s time to go back to the hardware store!

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