Alhamdulillah Zakat Basket {Tutorial}

My daughters and I enjoy making a different zakat (‘alms-giving’ in Arabic) box, as part of our 30 day Ramadan crafts challenge, to collect money. We have made them out of wood, glass, picture frames, and even recycled materials.


Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and an obligatory form of charitable giving for all Muslims that have the ability to do so.


We wanted to try something different this year and collect money, plus perishable food, daily. We painted a basket with Alhamdulillah (Arabic for “”thank Lord!”). According to Wikipedia: So frequently do Muslims and Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians invoke Alhamdulillah that the quadriliteral verb hamdala (حمدل), “to say al-ḥamdu li-llāh” was coined, and the derived noun ḥamdala (حمدلة) is used as a name for this phrase.


At the end of the month, we will donate everything inside the basket to a local food bank.


The project was inspired by the Bismillah Painted Tray {Tutorial} and uses the same banner letters. I received the paints as my role as Plaid Ambassador.



Glitter paint
Coastal paint
Banner letters

We took our letters to the local craft store to find a basket big enough for food inside and the letters outside.  Once we brought it home, we lined up the letters to spell out Alhamdulillah.

We used the Sharpie to outline the letters.

Next we painted the inside of the letters with the coastal paint. Once the first layer dried, we went over it again.

We waited a few hours for the paint to dry and went over it with glitter paint, just to add a little bit of sparkle.

Now our basket was done.

We placed it on the kitchen counter and have already added a few cans inside. we hope to take a photo of our complete basket on Facebook, so please stop by for an update.

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Arabesque Messenger Bag {Tutorial}

Our family loves to swim and have been visiting the pool lately.  When we are finished, we put our wet suits and towels in a fabric bag to bring them home.


I had extra arabesque quatrefoil duct tape left over from our duct tape wallet and thought it would be perfect to use to make a messenger bag with my teenager.  Now when we come home, we can put all the wet suits and towels on the clothesline and just wipe down the messenger bag for tomorrow’s swim.



Duct tape – arabesque
Duct tape – silver

We started by making duct tape “fabric”.  We laid out a piece of the arabesque design, sticky side up, and placed a piece of silver duct tape over it, offset by about a quarter of an inch.  Our bag will be 12 inches across, but we tried to make the two pieces longer then that.  We then flipped over the two pieces and added another piece of arabesque tape, making sure to overlap.  We folded over the first quarter inch fold created in the overlap.

We just kept adding more and more stripes of both tapes, flipping it over and adding, until we had a duct tape “fabric” that was roughly 34 inches x 12 inches.  When we got to the end, we tapped over the last quarter inch extra fabric to seal our edge.

We trimmed off any access to make a nice clean line on the sides.

We put aside the body of the bag to work on the sides.  We made the side “fabric” from overlapping the silver duct tape with the arabesque design until we had two side stripes that were 9 1/2 x 4 inches.

We measured 9 1/2 inches off our main fabric and taped on the stripes to each side.

We then cut the silver duct tape in half and used each on a side to tape it to the main body, creating a bag shape.

To make the shoulder strap, we made a “fabric” stripe the same way as our side fabrics. It was just thinner and longer.

We added the shoulder strap to the top of the messenger bag.

We added a few more pieces of silver tape inside the bag to reinforce the gym abuse it will take and we were ready to go.


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