99 Creative Eid Projects

99 Creative Eid Projects

Eid is the Arabic word for feast or holiday.


While it is common to think of Eid as only celebrating the two largest Muslim festivals, in particular Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, the word itself is in many other occasions.


There are very few holidays that don’t use the word Eid, for example, Father’s Day is Eid Al Abo. When you want to wish someone a happy birthday you say Eid Milad Said and even Valentine’s Day is Eid Youm Al Hoob.


Here on A Crafty Arab blog, my daughters and I love to make things to celebrate the word because it is so versatile.   I thought it might be a good time to compile a list of all the Eid craft tutorials we’ve done here, plus a few more from some of our crafting friends.


If the images came from my blog, I am able to include a photo, if a craft came from another blog, please click on the link to see it as I do not have permission to post those photos.


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Blessed Eid Al-Fitr (2014)

Candy Surprise Eid Card Tutorial

Chocolate bark and Eid Mubarak Labels

Crayon Resist Eid Banner Tutorial

Crescent theme DIY Eid Card

Curled Star Eid Gift Tag Tutorial

DIY Eid Mubarak Ribbon Banner – Free Printable!

Door Decor

Duct Tape Eid Sheep Earrings Tutorial

Eid Advent Calendar

Eid Al Adha 2014

Eid Al-Adha Decorations

Eid Al Fitr 2016

ACraftyArab Eid Beaded Safety Pin1Eid Beaded Safety Pin Tutorial

Eid Blue & Yellow Paper Garland Tutorial

Eid Cake Banner Tutorial

Eid Camel Gift Bag Tutorial

Eid Candles

Eid Card

Eid Coin Bag Tutorial

Eid Confetti Bag Tutorial

Eid Cookies – Sheep

Eid Countdown Chain Tutorial

Eid Countdown Poster (Wipeable)

Eid Countdown (Ramadan Free Printable)

Eid Craft Stick Frame Tutorial

Eid crafts! DIY Eid Mubarak Ribbon Banner – Free Printable!

Eid Cupcakes with Vanilla Orange Mascarpone Frosting

Eid Decorative Plate Tutorial

Eid Foil Decor Tutorial

Eid Goodie Gift Basket Tutorial

Eid Green Slime Tutorial

Eid Guessing Game

Eid Hol(e)y Lanterns Tutorial

Eid in an Eggshell Tutorial

Eid Kaabah Craft – Perfect Eid Ul Adha Activity

Eid Lamb Yarn Tutorial

Eid Metallic Star Tutorial

Eid Money Balloons

Eid Money Felt Envelopes

Eid Money Foam Envelopes Tutorial

Eid Mubarak (2012) – Perler Bead Tutorial

Eid Mubarak 2011!!! {Puzzle}

Eid Mubarak 2012 {Puzzle}

Eid Mubarak Garland – Free Printable <3

Eid Mubarak Money Envelopes {Free Printable}

ACraftyArabEIdBookmarksIGEid Mubarak Punch Out Bookmark Tutorial

Eid Mubarak Puzzle Card Tutorial

Eid Mubarak rocks(!) Tutorial

Eid Mubarak Sheep Magnet Tutorial

Eid Night Light Tutorial

Eid Noise Maker Sleeves

Eid Paper Star Table Toppers Tutorial

Eid Party Distressed Wooden Sign Tutorial {Part 2}

Eid Party Hats

Eid Pennant Garland

Eid Poppers Tutorial

Eid Printables 2014: Giftwrap and Cards

Eid Printables: Giftwrap and Cards

Eid Puff Banner Tutorial

Eid Puff Flowers Tutorial

Eid Rattle Drum Tutorial

Eid Saeed Table Runner Tutorial

Eid Sheep Craft

Eid Spray Painted Lantern Tutorial

Eid Stained Glass Candle Holder

Eid Stained Glass Craft

ACraftyArab Eid Step CardEid Step Card Tutorial

Eid Tea Light Lantern Tutorial

Eid Tissue Paper Art Tutorial

Elegant Brown & White Eid Decorated Letters Tutorial

Festive Eid Sheep Tutorial

Free Eid Printables 2016: Wrapping Paper, Treat Box and Envelope

Free printable Eid gift tags and cake toppers

Green Eid Decorations {Free Printables}

Happy Eid Candle Tutorial

Happy Eid 3D Banner Tutorial

{Happy Eid} Door Decor

Happy HalloEid Pumpkin Tutorial

Last-minute Eid decorations

Mr Galabiya-Eid Card

Oil Pastel Resist Crescent Moon and Star Banner Tutorial

Paper Bag Eid Pouches

Printable DIY Eid Bunting Flags

Printable DIY Eid Paper Lantern Template

Quad-fold Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial

Quilled Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial

Ramadan or Eid Terrarium Centerpieces

Recycle Can Eid Lamp Tutorial

Red, White & Blue Hanging Eid Favor Tutorial

Simple Eid Table Frame Decor Tutorial

Spice Eid Cookie

Happy Eid Welcome sign - teal copyTeal Eid {Happy Eid Free Printables}

The Best EVER Eid Cookies

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Eid Craft

Three Gold Eid Cones Tutorial {Eid Mubarak 2015}

Vibrant Eid money tags free printable

Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial


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