Ramadan Crafts Annual 30 Day Challenge

Ramadan crafts are a fun way to make learning about this holy month enjoyable for children.

Every Ramadan, my daughters and I create ideas and activities for each of the full 30 days.

We cut out lanterns, make treats to share, celebrate the moon phases, countdown to Eid with calendars and use Islamic art, calligraphy and daily teachings from the Quran.

2021 will be our 11th year celebrating Ramadan with crafts and we’d like to include more guest posts.

Guest posts that fits our mission, have a 300 word minimum and contains 4-5 photos, including a title photo. Images must be bright and on white back grounds with no logos or watermark. We will add your blog name to all images.

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Can content be published elsewhere? No. Only original content. You can post a photo/link on your site, but not the content.
  • Does ACA pay? Yes! A post that is published will be paid $25 USD.
  • Are Amazon affiliate links allowed? Yes! For the first six months.
  • Are other links allowed? Yes! 3 links to past activities on your blog or social media outlets are encouraged.
  • When will the post be live? During Ramadan, ACA posts daily for 30 days as part of an annual craft challenge.
  • Again, 300 word minimum. This should include an explanation of how to make the craft.
  • Again, at least 4 photos including a title photo with white backgrounds and no logos or watermarks. In addition to the title photo, photos should show the materials and steps to making the craft.

If you are interested, please leave your information below. Include Ramadan Crafts 2021 in the Subject.

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    We look forward to working with you.