Recycled Tyvek Gift Bag {Tutorial}

A few days ago my daughter and I learned how to make recycled Tyvek gift bags at the Gates Foundation Discovery Center Giving Marketplace.


I was volunteering to (wo)man a table for the Salaam Cultural Museum Medical Missions as the director had just had surgery.  I found out she needed help when we were talking about donating sales from my Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book to help her refugee causes.


I also brought henna supplies to write people’s names in Arabic on their hands. It was a fun activity and I think I’ll offer it at other upcoming shows. We were able to raise almost $100 for refugees from the henna alone.

The Discovery Center had some activities for adults and children in the back, one of which included making a reusable gift bag from recycled Tyvek.


According to Wikipedia, Tyvekis a synthetic material, often seen used as housewrap, to protect buildings during construction. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. Water vapor can pass through Tyvek, but liquid water cannot. All of these properties make Tyvek useful in a variety of applications.”


The Discovery Center had many colorful choices for duct tape, but on Saturday I brought our favorite pattern from home, so our gift bag would match our wallet, pencil case, and messenger bag.


It was a lively activity because there were many other creative people at the table, making their gift bags at the same time.

I took photos of our process in case you want to try making these at home.



Tyvek cut into squares
Hole punch
Square template
Duct tape
Marker pens

We started by folding over the Tyvek so that it overlapped.

Next we used the duct tape in the middle and tucked in the ends.

We added a fold into the bottom of our bag that created two large Vs on each side.

Again, we made the two sides overlap and taped them down. Before adding the duct tape, we used the stapler to give the bottom extra support.

To finishes off the bag, we folded over the top. We used the hole punch to make the holes for the ribbon handles, which we added with a knot inside.

The final step was to decorate the outside of the bag, and of course we choose a khatam design. Khatam is the Arabic word for eight point star, and very easy to make with a square template. Simply drawn in the square, offset another square and eight points are made.

This is our completed bag.

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Arabic Birthday Pendant {Tutorial}

Name pendants are huge in the Arab world because Arabic is such a beautiful script to write. This polymer clay pendant tutorial for kids plays on the popularity of these name pendants to celebrate a birthday.

People enjoy having their name or the name of a loved one on a necklace, worn close to their heart. I thought it would be fun to build on the popularity of the name pendants to create one that spelled the word eid, which is the Arabic word for festive or holiday.


Eid, when combined with the Arabic word for birth, milad, means birthday: Eid Milad.  This birthday pendant, in bright yellow and pink colors, will adorn a birthday gift to a friend this weekend (don’t tell her it’s a book!). After she opens the gift, she can hang the eid pendant on her fridge, in her room or reuse it on someone else as a gift tag.


It was so easy to make that my teen took only an afternoon to put it together.  But I would suggest making it a day in advance to ensure the glaze is fully dry.



Sculpey Clay
Fuzzy yarn

Use the Xacto to cut the clay into two equal parts and spend a little time kneading it.  Once each piece is soft, roll them into ropes that are equal sizes.

Now you will need to twist the two pieces around each other.

Roll these two pieces to each other so that they smooth out into one rope.

Write out the word eid onto your cooking surface directly so that you don’t have to move it. Add a little curve to the ends so that you can hook your word onto your yarn.

Once your piece is done baking and has cooled, add a layer of glaze to give it a little shine & protect the surface from dust.

Now your eid pendant is ready to tie with yarn to your gift.  Once we cut off the extra fuzzy yarn, we noticed a little heart had formed.

We added a dab of glue to the wrapping paper & added the heard for the dot of the i.

To turn it into a pendant, tie the yarn around the inside of the letters e and d and hang it anywhere you’d like.

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Arabesque Paper Lantern {Printable}

I remember lanterns, called fanous in Arabic, being a big part of my life as a child in Libya.


We would bring them out for every Eid, the Arabic word for holiday, in our home, but they were always hanging in the souk, or open markets.  They were also all over the mosques sprinkled throughout the cities and permanently mounted in the alleyways of old parts of town.


I first posted a simple paper lantern tutorial seven years ago and have since put them on cards, (twice!) made them holey and even used ice to create them.  My daughter puts them in her hair, we have made them out of foil and even used them to count.


Today I made a free printable with a lantern design to download. It is on black and white but you can print it on any color or printed card stock. I also added three optional arabesque cutouts, on the side, if you do not have the special window punch below.  You can add an electric tea light inside the lantern once it is complete, but please do make sure to check it for heat. Never leave unattended candles, of any kind, around children.



Friskas Everywhere Window punch
Optional – metal ring & hole punch & bakers twine

Print out the download below and cut out the two lantern shapes on the solid lines. Both will be glued together to crate four sides.

Once cut, fold the lantern in half, so that only the flap is showing. This is a good time to make sure your tops are nice and even.

Use the Everywhere Window punch to add two cut outs to the lantern sides. Try to position the window in the middle of the lantern.  You can also trace and cut one of the shapes on the side of the printable or write Eid Mubarak, Blessed Eid in Arabic, on the sides.

Fold over all the dotted lines and glue the two pieces to each other by attaching the flaps.

Make more.


Optional – Arabesque Paper Lantern Mobile

Use the hole punch to create two holes at the top of the lantern, on opposite sides.

Tie the baker’s twine through the holes, tie it off and tie the other end of the string to a metal ring.

Download the Arabesque Paper Lanterns Printable.

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