Eid Treasure Hunt {Printable}

To wrap up Ramadan, I created a children Eid treasure hunt to solve clues. It is similar to one we enjoyed previously, before my kids received their Eid gifts.

Eid Al Fitar, is a holiday that commemorates the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It will be observed by Muslims around the world this Sunday. Eid Mubarak is a greeting shared by Muslims that means Blessed Holiday.

When we tried an Eid treasure hunt a few years ago, I hand wrote the clues. I then left them around our home. This time, I decided to type them out.

Simply print out the clues that I’ve conveniently placed on one sheet, cut out the squares and tape them in place.

I have added two SORRY boxes. These can be used if you have say, two locations where you keep markers (clue #7). I also included an award EID MUBARAK to place on the laundry room door, or closet door, or wherever you keep your stinky clothes (clue #9), after the final clue.

Eid treasure hunt answer key

CLUE 1: You will realize that with every clue you will feel like a winner, so look under where you have your suhoor DINNER

CLUE 2: Is all this work making your tired? Do you need to rest your head? Since you’re here, how about a peek under your BED

CLUE 3: One hand is longer than its other, but there is no need to call a doc, just look around the living room CLOCK

CLUE 4: Some clues are very easy, don’t you think? Like this one that simply asks you to look under the kitchen SINK

CLUE 5: Are you having fun? Do you feel like you can do more? Okay. But first answer that knock on the front DOOR

CLUE 6: This next clue will not take up your entire iftar, just look at where your parents park their CAR

CLUE 7: It’s a good thing this treasure hunt hasn’t driven you bonkers, you will need all your brain cells to find this clue around the crayons and MARKERS

CLUE 8: As we clean up and get ready for Eid with a good scrub, maybe you should peek around the bathTUB

CLUE 9: Sorry but you’ve got to plug your nose, because the Eid gifts are in the room with the dirty CLOTHES

Print our your copy here.

Tomorrow I will share the treasure boxes I made for them to find. Be sure to stop by these other non-candy Eid favors to give out.

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99 Names of Allah Word Search {Printable}

99 Names Allah

I created this 99 names of Allah word search puzzle for my children during the last 10 days of Ramadan in observance of Laylat Al Qadr (Arabic: لیلة القدر‎).

This special night, also called the Night of Power, is thought of as the night when the Quran was first sent down from Heaven and occurs on one of the odd-numbered nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.

One of the ways to receive the benefits of this night is to perform a remembrance of Allah through dhikr (Arabic: ذِكْر‎,), Islamic devotional acts, in which phrases or prayers are repeated. Sometimes the content of the prayers includes the names of Allah, of which there are 99. These are known as ʾasmāʾu llāhi l-ḥusnā (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎, Beautiful Names of Allah).

While there is no universal agreement among Muslims as to what exactly counts as a name of God, and what does not, I created this list that was a little more child friendly and had words that they might be familiar with already from reading their Quran.

You can download it here.

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99 Names Allah

Paper Lantern Chain {Printable}

Ramadan lantern chain

I created this paper Ramadan lantern chain printable for my daughters to have a little fun decorating our mantle space and window sills for Eid.

These adorable little lanterns can be printed on colored paper or plain and then decorated with markers or not. My daughters were only limited in their imagination.

I let them have the file, gave them access to the paper printer and let them get to work decorating our home.

I have been in the kitchen busy baking a few different types of Eid treats to get ready for Eid AlFitar next week. This will help give them something to do until it was time to decorate the treats.


  • Ramadan lantern print out {below}
  • Scissors
Ramadan lantern chain

Print out the Ramadan lantern and cut out the rectangle at the bottom. Fold it on the grey lines.

Cut out the lantern shape, making sure to leave a connection at the bottom and middle of the lantern. To help my daughters hold the folded piece of paper, I gave them paperclips to use.

Ramadan lantern chain

Now your lantern chain is ready to be opened and decorated. Print and cut out more, then attach them to each other with tape. See if you can create a whole chain around your room!

Ramadan lantern chain

Here is our first completed chain, up on our mantle. Be a little creative with your design and make sure you share it with us to win prizes this month.

Ramadan lantern chain

Print out your own paper Ramadan lantern chain here.

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Ramadan lantern chain