Arabesque Paper Lantern {Printable}

I remember lanterns, called fanous in Arabic, being a big part of my life as a child in Libya.


We would bring them out for every Eid, the Arabic word for holiday, in our home, but they were always hanging in the souk, or open markets.  They were also all over the mosques sprinkled throughout the cities and permanently mounted in the alleyways of old parts of town.


I first posted a simple paper lantern tutorial seven years ago and have since put them on cards, (twice!) made them holey and even used ice to create them.  My daughter puts them in her hair, we have made them out of foil and even used them to count.


Today I made a free printable with a lantern design to download. It is on black and white but you can print it on any color or printed card stock. I also added three optional arabesque cutouts, on the side, if you do not have the special window punch below.  You can add an electric tea light inside the lantern once it is complete, but please do make sure to check it for heat. Never leave unattended candles, of any kind, around children.



Friskas Everywhere Window punch
Optional – metal ring & hole punch & bakers twine

Print out the download below and cut out the two lantern shapes on the solid lines. Both will be glued together to crate four sides.

Once cut, fold the lantern in half, so that only the flap is showing. This is a good time to make sure your tops are nice and even.

Use the Everywhere Window punch to add two cut outs to the lantern sides. Try to position the window in the middle of the lantern.  You can also trace and cut one of the shapes on the side of the printable or write Eid Mubarak, Blessed Eid in Arabic, on the sides.

Fold over all the dotted lines and glue the two pieces to each other by attaching the flaps.

Make more.


Optional – Arabesque Paper Lantern Mobile

Use the hole punch to create two holes at the top of the lantern, on opposite sides.

Tie the baker’s twine through the holes, tie it off and tie the other end of the string to a metal ring.

Download the Arabesque Paper Lanterns Printable.

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Eid Dimensional Magnets {Tutorial}

Can you believe we are half way through our Ramadan crafts challenge?  Now that we are closer to Eid, I thought I would start preparing.


This year for our favor bags, I wanted to include Eid magnets.  They are so easy to make with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and the business card holders we used a few days ago on the prayer rugs.  Make sure you leave plenty of time for them to cure.


I received the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic as my role as Plaid Ambassador.  Stop by A Crafty Arab on Facebook to enter our Ramadan contest to win free Mod Podge.



Business card holder
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Eid printables

I started by cutting out the images I wanted from the sheet and adding it to the business card.

I placed the magnets on a flat surface and generously added the Dimensional Magic.

The magnets must sit for at least 24 hours.  I touched one of them before they were dry and it left a little bump.

While I was waiting for the magnets to dry, I made the numbers in the same way for the Ramadan lantern countdown calendar.

Once the magnets are done, they will have a dome on them that gives them a 3D dimensional look.

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Ramadan Lenticular Artwork {Printable} Guest Blog

Day 7 of our Ramadan craft challenge has me guest hosting over at Muslimah Bloggers.


Last year I made them Eid Gift Card Printables and I was so excited to see they are once again doing their 30 day Ramadan series as well. Make sure you follow along.


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