Recycled Oui Tea Lights {Tutorial}

My daughter and I recycled our Oui yogurt glass pots into tea lights for our Ramadan craft today. We plan on putting them in the back yard this summer for outdoor parties.

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  • Frosted glass paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Blue tape
  • Oui yogurt glass pot
  • Scissors

Start by cutting the blue tape into small squares.

Place the square on the glass pot, then add another but offset it to make a star. This eight points star is called a khatam in Arabic.

Continue to add more khatams all the way around the glass pot.

Add a thin line of blue tape to the top and paint the entire glass pot.

We placed our pot in the sun for a few hours and once it was dry, we used the tip of the scissors to peel off the blue tape.

Now all we need is a LED light inside for our khatam star design to shine through. Never leave a light unattended and be careful with small children and pets when you have a light on.

Make a few more and play around with the khatam shapes this time.

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Eid Gallery Glass Cheese Tray {Tutorial}

To display our stuffed dates from yesterday, we dressed up our cheese glass tray, with Plaid Crafts Gallery Glass, to put them on for the Eid party next week.

Eid Al Fitr is the celebration that occurs at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

We are very lucky to own a cheese platter that is made from glass because we were able to use the left over gallery glass from our Allah suncatcher. Be sure to go to the bottom of the post to see the extra crafting surprise!

If you decide to make this, post it using the tag #CraftyRamadan and #PlaidRamadan to be entered into our $50 giveaway!


  • Glass cheese platter
  • Eid and lantern template
  • Gallery Glass – blue, green and yellow
  • Liquid Lead
  • Blue painters tape

The first step is to tape the word Eid and lanterns to the top side of the cheese tray.

The next step is flip the tray over, outline the word Eid and lanterns with the liquid lead, wait overnight for it to harden, then fill in with color.

That is all there is to it. To make the colors blur into each other like in the letter I, just use a toothpick after filling in both colors to blend them together.

We hope to cover the tray with our stuffed dates, then as everyone eats them the letters and lanterns will be revealed.

For an extra crafting surprise, we discovered that we could take the letters and lanterns from the tray and put them on our window until the party!

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Allah Gallery Glass Suncatcher {Tutorial}

We made this suncatcher as part of our Ramadan crafts today that says Allah, the Arabic word for God, for a special soul.

Our beloved pet, Shems the Siamese cat, who was 16 years old, passed away today and we buried her in the back yard.

We thought this suncatcher, placed right over where she is, below our living room window, would be a good way to remember her. My daughter helped me pick out the colors and the design then took part of her day to put it together.


  • Gallery glass – Red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue & clear
  • Liquid lead
  • Leading blanks
  • Paper templates deisgns

We started by placing the background design on the back of the leading blanks and outlining the dark lines with the liquid lead.

The next step is to place the Allah printout behind the leading blank and outlining all the lines also.

My daughter helped me fill in all the gallery glass colors, making sure not to leave any bubbles. She used the clear gallery glass for the middle. She tapped the bottom of the leading blank, gently under each color after filling it in, to get rid of bubbles she did find.

We let the suncatcher sit on a flat surface for eight hours, then peeled it off the leading blank.

Now it was ready to hand in our window.

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