Arabic ‘Hop Like A Bunny’ Nursery Rhyme {Resource}

I love to use the nursery rhyme “Hop Like A Bunny” when I do Arabic story time at the public library.

It is very short and sweet, mimicking the actions of four animals, a bunny rabbit, a kitty cat, a bear and a duck.

While the kids and I are singing the song, we hop like the bunny, quietly walk like a kitty, make ourselves big like a bear and raise our arms up and down to fly like a duck.

The song is repeated five times and can be found on one of my favorite music CDs or check out just the song alone.

There is how it is sung in Arabic.

 Nott methil al arnab
Nott nott nott
Imshi shoai shoai
Methil al ott
Irfaa halak aali
Methil al dob
Kher aali aali
Methil al batt
Hop like a bunny
Hop hop hop
Walk softly softly
Like a cat
Rise big & tall
Like a bear
Fly higher higher
Like a duck

You can download it for free here.

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