Arabic ‘Head, Shoulders, Tummy & Feet’ Nursery Rhyme {Resource}

I love to use the nursery rhyme Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes when I do Arabic story time at the public library.

However in Arabic it is sung in a slightly different manner and instead of ‘knees and toes’, it is ‘tummy and feet’. The song also includes hands between the first and second verse..

To help with the sing song rhythm, the song makes the body parts possessive, so it’s “my head, my shoulders”, etc.

Here is how it is sung in Arabic.

My head 
My shoulders
My tummy
My foot
My hands
My ear
My mouth
My nose
My eyes

The song can be sung several times, trying to go faster each time. You can download the song here.

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Arabic Coloring Page…Sa is for Samakah {Printable}

I’m started to take the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster poster and turn them into a coloring book to help introduce children to the Arabic language.


I’ve decided to start with the letter Seen (sīn), which is represented by Sakina the Samaka, which is how you say fish in Arabic.

Sakina spends his days sleeping and missing everything around him. Other words that use Seen are sareer (bed), sama’ (sky), and saratan (crab).


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Moon And Star Yarn Window Art {Tutorial}

My daughters recently created these beautiful crescent moon and star window art with cornstarch and yarn.

It was a wonderful project for little kids that was messy enough to be fun, but easy enough to clean up afterwards.

We are going to try doing it again during Ramadan.


Yarn cut into foot long strands
1/4 cup Cornstarch
1/2 cup Water
Crescent moon and star template on paper
Wax paper

Heat the water and cornstarch over medium heat to make it thick and translucent. Do this ahead of time so that it cools and the transport it to a big bowl with a wide rim.

A Crafty Arab Moon And Star Yarn Art Tutorial

Place wax paper on top of crescent moon and star template and cut the yarn into foot long pieces.

acraftyarab-moon-A Crafty Arab Moon And Star Yarn Art Tutorial-yarn-art2

Place the yarn into the bowl of the cornstarch glue to coat it. Pick up the yarn by the end and squeeze out extra glue by running it between two fingers.

A Crafty Arab Moon And Star Yarn Art Tutorial

Lay the yarn inside the template and keep repeating until the yarn fills up the moon shape.

A Crafty Arab Moon And Star Yarn Art Tutorial

Do the same with the star shape and then run a few pieces of yarn to connect the two shapes by running the yarn in and out of the two shapes.

A Crafty Arab Moon And Star Yarn Art Tutorial

Be sure to press the yarn flat to dry by adding another peice of wax paper for weight. Leave it flat to dry for at least three days.

Hang a dry piece of yarn from the top of the moon to a window cling and hang. Enjoy!

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