Arabic ‘This is The Way’ Nursery Rhyme {Resource}

I love to use the nursery rhyme This is The Way when I do Arabic story time at the public library.

It mimics animal actions to help learn the language in a rhythmic tone, very similar to Hop Like a Bunny.

In This Is the Way, the song has hand motions that show how fish swim, then how birds fly, followed by wheels turning and finally settles on children’s actions. First hands motions are made to clap, then to pick flowers.

The song is repeated and sung for a total of five times.

Here is how it is sung in Arabic:

 Hyk bysbhu al samaka 
Hyk bytyru al easafir
Hyk bydwr al duwlab
Hyk bysfquu al awlad
Safaqu safaqu aydin saghar
Bykrt alsabah eali bikir
Bynalqut warad wa yasimin
 This is the way fish swim
This is the way birds fly
This is the way wheels turn
This is the way kids clap

Clap clap small hands
Tomorrow early in the morning
We'll pick roses & jasmine

You can download it for free here.

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