Arabic Coloring Page…Fa is for Faraasha {Printable}

Arabic Alphabet Letter Coloring Page Fa is for Farasha Animal

I’m taking the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal poster and turning them into a coloring book.

{Update} I have self published the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book here {Update}.

I’m still trying to figure out if others can download them and use them. Anyone want to be my first tester?!? Just head to sign up for A Crafty Arab newsletter to download printable PDFs of the first three pages for free or buy the full coloring book here.

Alif Baa Ta Arabic Alphabet Letters with Animals

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Here is the newest page I’ve done, the Faraasha Coloring Page.

The letter Fa (fā’) is represented by Fahima the Farasha, which is how you say butterfly in Arabic.  Fahima does not like things to change around her and tries to keep everything the same.  Other words that use Fa are farawalah (strawberry), faqma (seal), and feel (elephant).

Money from each coloring book sale will help pay for another book for a refugee, sent by the non-profit Salaam Cultural Museum.

Arabic Alphabet Letter Coloring Page Fa is for Farasha Animal


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