Tissue Paper Moon and Star Decor {Tutorial}

Today was yet another gloomy and rainy day in Seattle and the kids were in need of a craft.

I had gotten this styrofoam disc at the craft store for such emergencies like today.

With a little bit of tissue paper and glue, we had fun creating a bright decoration to brighten up our wall!


Styrofoam disc – ours was 12 inches across
Tissue paper in blue, yellow, and white
Crimping tool
Fishing wire

First you’ll need to crimp your tissue paper.  Honestly, you can skip this step, but we wanted our tissue paper to be puffy on the Styrofoam.  And let’s face it, its fun to crimp things (except your sister’s hair as was attempted).

Next you’ll need to punch out the circles with your punch.  This was a little bit tricky as the paper kept getting caught.  But it was okay since we had scissors handy to help with the edges.

Take your fishing line and put it through your needle eye.  Next place the needle about 2/3 of the way up the disc.  Tie the end at the top.

Draw out a crescent moon and star design with a marker.  We didn’t use  template for this and just winged it.

Starting with the yellow tissue since you only have a small space, put a dap of glue in the middle of your circle.

Next fold the tissue twice and place the tissue with the dap of glue onto the disc. It’s okay if you go outside the lines since no one will see the marker lines later.

Keep gluing and placing until you get the whole disc covered and then hang after the glue dries.

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