Perler Eid Greeting Beads {Tutorial}

My daughter loves Perler Beads and can spend hours putting together shapes. We used a letter pegboard to make this Eid Mubarak greeting.

We actually have two large bins of the beads and about 20 different shapes that she can play with on any given day.  Recently we got an alphabet and number board and of course had to break it in.  So she created this Eid Mubarak 2012.  I was thinking we can use it later for our Ramadan Advent calendar.


First she had to write out which letters she needed and how a couple of them (A, 2) had to be done twice.

She decided on what colors she wanted and spent quite a bit of time placing all the beads on the board.

After the letters were all laid out, I placed the special ironing paper that comes with the kits and ironed the letters underneath.  This had to be done in two shifts since the paper didn’t cover the whole board.

Now that the letters are done, we were thinking of adding magnets to the back so we can place them on the fridge.

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Eid Mubarak Painted Rocks {Tutorial}

I’ve been seeing a lot of hand painted rocks on Pinterest lately.


They look really fun to do, so I thought I’d give them a try with my five year old, on a typical rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. As a side note, if you are already tired of your heat and summer where you live, please send it our way!


This is a super easy and low cost craft to try.



Flat rocks
Acrylic paint

We headed out to the garden and gathered lots of nice flat rocks. We cleaned them up the best we could and set them in bleach water for a little while to make sure there were no bug eggs or something else icky hiding in the cracks.

We set them out to dry over night and the next day I gave my daughter the paints, brushes and rocks and let her at them. She picked out all the colors and spent most of the afternoon painting away.

I took the dried, painted rocks and with white paint, wrote out each letter to spell out Eid Mubarak. I added a star on the ‘i’ and also drew out a moon for the side. I then gave her the rocks and told her to spell out the words Eid Mubarak.

It was fun to try to also spell out other words with the rocks (rake, bud, mud, kid, bare, etc). I think we’ll make more and have an afternoon playing hangman!

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Arabic Coloring Page…Ta is for Timsaah {Printable}

I’m started to take the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster poster and turn them into a coloring book to help introduce children to the Arabic language.


Today I did the letter Ta (tā’), which is represented by Tasnim the Timsaah, which is how you say crocodile in Arabic.

Tasnim loves to brush his teeth several times a day. Other words that use Ta are taht (under), televizyon (television), and tuffaha (apple).

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