I Love Allah This Much Card {Tutorial}

We made a card that says I Love Allah This Much, with the words This Much written accordion style between two trances of my daughter’s hands.  The card is foldable and fits into an envelope, and when your recipient opens it, the card will expand.

Since today is the first day of Ramadan, we thought we’d start with a light craft.  This one is super easy for little hands and doesn’t take up much supplies.

Allah is the Arabic word for God and is said by Muslims, Christian and Jewish Arabs.  We made the card to give to my daughter’s Islamic teacher at school.

ACraftyArab I love Allah card

Sheet of double sided paper (ours was 12×12)
Letter stickers
Glue stick

ACraftyArab I love Allah card1

Have your child trace out their hand on one side of a sheet of paper.  It’s fun to use double sided paper so that there is color on both sides.


Fold your paper in half and have them cut out the hands so that you’ll have two copies.  Since my 5 year old was having a problem holding the paper, I added a little paperclip for her.

ACraftyArab I love Allah card2

Cut a strip of paper that is 12inches by 2 inches.  This can be taller or shorter depending on the height of letter stickers you end up using.  Fold the paper so that you have eleven folds, so about an inch wide.  Find the center mountain/valley and add the letter stickers “this much.”

ACraftyArab I love Allah card4

Have your child write out the words “I Love Allah” on one of the hands with stickers.  If you are including a greeting, place it on the back of the second hand. It’s a good idea to do this now before you glue on the strip to the inside of the hand.

ACraftyArab I love Allah card5
Once you’ve got all your sticker letters on, your three papers will look like this:
ACraftyArab I love Allah card6

Place glue on the backside of your accordion folded paper and add it to the inside of the hands.

ACraftyArab I love Allah card3
Your card should look like this before you fold it. Your greeting is on the back.
ACraftyArab I love Allah card7
Place your Eid card inside an envelope. (It’s up to you if you want to tell your recipient if it’s a pop up card or not, but you might want to if you give it to your taita, the Arabic word for grandma.)
We had my daughter’s teacher open hers in front of the class and everyone loved it when it popped up.  Fun!
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