Arabic Peace Cork Coaster {Tutorial}

Salam is the Arabic word for Peace and can be seen here, written right to left as سلام, on this peace cork coaster we recently completed.

We use a lot of coasters at our house because we have a lot of wood furniture.  We have fun Disney coasters with characters from Florida and serious leather coasters with camels (of course!) from Egypt.

Today we made these custom coasters that have the word Peace written in Arabic on them.  It’s the same image that is on my Peace pins that I sell.


Carbon paper
Printed out image
Black sharpie
Silver marker
Tracing tool

ACraftyArab Peace Cork Coaster1
If your cork is one piece, you’ll need to cut it into 4×4 sizes.  We found this cork already cut into the size we need.  Put your cork coaster down, with the carbon paper on top and the image on top of both.  Use the tracing tool to draw out your design.
ACraftyArab Peace Cork Coaster2
Take you silver pen (you might need to shake it to get the ink to come out) and draw out your desgin.
ACraftyArab Peace Cork Coaster3
Using the black sharpie, outline your design so you can see it.
ACraftyArab Peace Cork Coaster4
Do the same with the other three pieces of cork and enjoy your drink during suhoor or iftar with your custom coaster!
ACraftyArab Peace Cork Coaster5

If you enjoyed making this peace coaster, stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterst to see more fun DIY craft tutorials that teach about the Arab world.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.