Eid Spray Painted Lanterns {Tutorial}

These Eid spray painted lanterns were created by pure chance.

I had to go into Seattle today for a hair cut to get ready for Eid tomorrow.

While there, I stopped at my favorite store at Westlake Center, Daiso.  For those that have never been in a Daiso, it’s basically like dollar store, but everything is from Japan.

I was walking around, finding all kinds of goodies for the girls’ Eid baskets for tomorrow and came across these standing lanterns.  Of course I had to buy them.  How could I not for only $1.50 each!  After I came home from my hair cut, the girls and I got to work getting them ready for the Eid party tomorrow!


Paper lanterns
Spray paint
Cutting mat
Painter’s blue tape
Print out of EID letters

I printed out the letters EID in a Word document.  I wanted the letters to be big, since my lanterns are 10 inches high.  I changed the font size to 600.  Then use the Xacto to cut out the letters.  Be sure to save the middle of the D!

Tape the letters onto the lanterns.  We also used a little bit of blue tape, folded over, inside the letter’s edges so there wasn’t any bleeding.  We thought it was a good idea to tape the three lanterns to each other so that they won’t move around from the spray.  My daughter found some rocks to put inside the lanterns to help hold them in place.

Put down some cardboard or newspapers to save your driveway from turning yellow.  Spray your lanterns and make sure you don’t over paint them.  You don’t want the paint to run.

Let your lanterns sit outside until the paint is dry.

Hang your lanterns from a string, or just put them on your Eid table top for decorations.  Hope everyone has an Eid Mubarak tomorrow!!!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.