Ramadan Crafts Challenge 2012 Roundup {Resource}

The 30 days of Ramadan Crafty Challenge started back in July 2011 to give my three daughters a fun creative outlet for making Islamic crafts.  I had hoped that these crafts would occupy their new days of fasting.

As I wasn’t able to find any Arabic, North African or Islamic craft books at our local library or online, we’ve just made up our own creations, using other holiday crafts as inspiration.

It was our hope to inspire others to celebrate the month of Ramadan with their own children.

We are looking forward to Ramadan 2013 to create more crafts!

Here are the 2012 crafts in alphabetical order:

A Nesting Khatam Mobile {Tutorial}
Arabic Newspaper Gift Bag {Tutorial}
Arabic Newspaper Hairclip {Tutorial}
Arabic Newspaper Star {Tutorial}
Eid Sewn Paper Garland {Tutorial}
Eid Countdown Chain {Tutorial}
Eid Goodie Gift Basket {Tutorial}
Eid Lamb Decor {Tutorial}
Eid Metallic Star {Tutorial}
Eid Mubarak 2012 Puzzle {Resource}
Eid Saeed Table Runner {Tutorial}
Eid Spraypainted Lanterns {Tutorial}
Embossed Eid Candle {Tutorial}
Fez Party Hat {Tutorial}
First Ramadan Word Search {Printable}
Glittered Glue Moon & Star Garland {Tutorial}
Vellum Ramadan Lantern {Tutorial}
I Love Allah This Much Card {Tutorial}
Kaab’a Paper Clip Bookmark {Tutorial}
Lebanese Cedar Bead Tree {Tutorial}
Mosque Crepe Paper Banner {Tutorial}
Mosque Night Light {Tutorial}
Our Islamic World Word Search {Free Printable}
Palestine In My Heart T-shirt {Tutorial}
Peace Cork Coaster {Tutorial}
Quilled Eid Mubarak Card {Tutorial}
Ramadan Moon & Star {Tutorial}
Recycle Can Eid Lantern {Tutorial}
Recycled Zakāt Box {Tutorial}
Ramadan Good Deeds Sticker Book {Tutorial}
Syria is in My Heart Necklace {Tutorial}

To see our Ramadan challenge from years past, please visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest.





I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.