Recycled Fez Party Hat {Tutorial}

When I took the photo of the Eid Lamb I made last month, I borrowed a fez hat from one of the other teachers to have as something interesting in the background.


A fez is a felt headdress made of kilim fabric, usually red, and with a tassel attached to the top. It is named after the Moroccan city Fez, and worn by men in North Africa.


Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about that hat and how much fun it would be to make one.  So today we decided to try to make one to use as a party hat.  Wait till you see what we use, a party cup!


Red Felt
Black embroidery thread
Business card
Gold sequin ribbon
Plastic cup
Sharpie pen

Roll your cup onto the felt and using the Sharpie, draw out your side templete as your roll.

Cut out your sides and flip the cup on it’s end and do the same thing with the bottom.  Cut the circle out also.

Using the Xacto, punch a hole in the middle of the bottom.

Use the Xacto and punch a hole in the middle of the red circle felt.  Put the black embroidery thread through the felt and then also put the tread through the top of the cup.

Use the hot glue to glue the red circle to the top of the cup.  Okay, it wasn’t until after my daughter put the hot glue down on the circle that she realized she put it on the top of the circle and not the bottom that goes on the cup.  It was okay, we just took the string off, glued down the circle (before the glue hardened) and then got an embroidery needle to put the thread back in.  This is how we learn to craft, by making and learning as we go!

Lay your side felt piece down and put hot glue on it as you roll the cup on it’s side.

Now you’ll need to make a tassle for the top.  Wrap the embroidery thread around a business card.  Speaking of business cards, what do you think of my brand new card?  I just got it in the mail from Vista Print.  I love the flowers on the bottom, it feels so springy…okay, back to the craft!

Take the thread that is coming off the top of the hat and loop it between the business card and thread.  Tie it off.

Cut the end of the looped thread opposite from where you tied the loop.

Take an extra piece of thread and tie it a little below where the loop, almost looking like you are giving the tassle a “waist.”

Cut off a little square piece of felt and hot glue it down at the top.  This will help hold the tassle in place.  You can cut the extra thread inside the hat.

Take your gold sequin ribbon and start decorating your hat.  The hot glue was a bit hard for my daughter, so while she put down the glue, I helped put down the ribbon.  That way her little fingers didn’t get burned.

Hot glue two pieces of ribbon on the inside of your hat so that it can be tied around your chin.  Make sure that the thread is long so that you have plenty of thread and you don’t hurt your neck.

If you enjoyed making this fez hat, stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to enjoy more DIY craft tutorials.





I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.