Recycled Zakāt Box {Tutorial}

Last year, as part of our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge, we made a Zakāt box out of a blank wood box. We used the box to collect donations throughout Ramadan. At the end of the month, we donate to our favorite charity.


We decided this year to go green and make a recycle box out of materials we already had: we used a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Pint carton.


Follow along as we show you who easy it is to make.


Ice cream pint carton
12×12 scrapbook paper – 2 sheets
Rub-on letters
Cutting mat

We used our carton to make the template by laying it  down on the back of the scrapbook paper. We worked together and mared it with the pencil as we rolled out the carton.  We then cut out the arc on the paper.

We then started gluing the paper to the ice cream pint carton.

Our second 12×12 scrapbook paper had strips on it, so we used those as a guide to cut out our decorative strips.

We glued the strips to the outside of the carton on top of the other paper, trimming off the bottom extra paper. We glued a strip to the outside of the lip to cover up the black carton lip.

On the inside lip, draw out a rectangle big enough for a folded bill.  I didn’t trust my 5 year old with the Xacto, so I cut out the shape for her.

Using the lid as a template, we also cut out a circle and a rectangle in that too.  We wrote out the word Zakat with our rub-on letters and added them to the lid.

We glued our paper to the lid and glued the lid to the carton.

Our Zakāt box is ready to use! We will cut out the top at the end of the month when we need to make our donation and our box will go into the recycle bin.


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.